BMW’s famous slogan “The Ultimate Driving Machine” goes through a small iteration during the winter season. Chicago-based company Nordic Auto Plow takes on the challenge to transform the iconic E30 3 Series into “The Ultimate Plowing Machine.”

The company developed a plastic, light-duty plow that can be attached to any vehicle, including a 3 Series convertible. The plastic is hooked to the front of the car, or rear if needed, by using a pair of straps and bungee cords. The best part of the system? It only rests against the bumper rather than being attached to it, so it avoids any damages.

The overall setup weighs under 50 pounds and the company says it takes less than a minute to install. The total price for the innovative plastic? $700, a money saver if you already have a beater in your driveway.

Here is the E30 snow plowing machine in action:

[Source: Autoblog]