While most of us in the North East part of the U.S. are being hammered by what is being called the “Perfect Storm”, Hurricane Sandy is lashing us with strong winds, heavy rain and the threat of Zombie-pocolypse 2012. Keeping with the theme of Hurricanes, this week’s Super Bild is brought to us by G-power.

At 12:47 pm on November 12, 2008 the G-POWER HURRICANE RS, based on the BMW M5, set a new record as the world’s fastest sedan on the ATP High Speed Oval in Papenburg, Germany reaching a top speed of 228.19 MPH (367.4 km/h). The four-door sedan is powered by an S85 V10 SK III RS twin-compressor engine with 750 hp (552 kW).

G-POWER developed the engine in cooperation with ASA, a company renowned for producing OEM superchargers and for providing engineering services to the automotive industry. To safely attain such incredible speed the car was equipped with an aerodynamic kit, a height-adjustable coil-over suspension and a high-performance brake system from G-POWER. The car ran on Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 high-performance tires mounted on G-POWER wheels.

Although the 0 to 60 MPH standing start figures aren’t so impressive (4.4 seconds) given the amount of horsepower, the lack of traction attributable to having so much power to transmit to the rear wheels is a tall task to accomplish for anything other than an all wheel drive car.

Something beautiful to behold is the custom built intake plenums painted the companies now familiar orange being fed by the twin ASA T1-316 superchargers. They have the capacity to increase the volume of charge air by up to 25 percent but only a fraction of that was utilized in this engine. The air volume these chargers are really capable of would theoretically be sufficient for a rated power output in excess of 900 hp.

The inner workings of the ten-cylinder four-valve engine are optimized with forged high-performance pistons from Mahle that reduce compression. They have been precisely matched for weight and are much stronger than their production counterparts. The production piston rods and pins also had to make way for special components that can handle the much higher forces.

All the attention to detail and engineering culminates in what is an impressive road car. The G Power RS tuning program is also available for the E61 M5 Touring as well as a turn key complete car for 300,000 Euros. That’s a lot of money for a family oriented sedan, but then again you will possess the bragging rights of being the fastest sedan on the autobahn, and who can place a price on that?

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