1013MM & LTBMW Project: F30 BMW 3 Series with SSR Professor SP1 wheels

3 Series | October 3rd, 2012 by 2
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Last month 1013MM and LTBMW revealed their project based on the new F30 BMW 3 Series. The modded F30 3 Series sports a redesigned fascia that includes a BMW M6 front bumper and modified BMW 1M side fenders.

Other visual upgrades came from the BMW Performance Parts catalog and includes the blacked out kidney grille, front spoiler lip and carbon fiber mirror caps.

The standard suspension was also replaced by the one developed by KW.

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Rotora brake kit and rotors were also added to the project car.

Today, the owner of the 328i presents the car with a new set of wheels: SSR Professor SP1 wheels.

2 responses to “1013MM & LTBMW Project: F30 BMW 3 Series with SSR Professor SP1 wheels”

  1. ///MPOWER says:

    Those Journalist always “Bitching” about the BMW 3ER and yet the masses of the people are finding them such a pleasure to invest their Motorsport Passion in them.

    So, it is very clear that “it is not about what one person opinion’s are, its simply what the people CHOOSE”

    Good job BMW, You just need to lose some more weight and continue to be that authentic balance Manufacture you has always being.

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