Here are some live videos of the BMW Concept Active Tourer introduced at the 2012 Paris Auto Show.

BMW’s first front-wheel drive vehicle was the main attraction at the Bavarian’s exhibit and from what we have gathered, it has received positive reviews. The design is the work of Michael De Bono, an UK-born designer also responsible for penning the F31 3 Series Touring.

In concept form, the premium FWD minivan-looking vehicle uses a plug-in hybrid platform with the eDrive architecture paired with a 3-cylinder 1.5 liter gasoline engine.

Our own Hugo Becker gives us an analysis of the new concept:

BMW decided that they needed to compete for the urban buyer of premium products that heretofore have been served by their competitors in the B and A class ranges of automobiles. These models must be physically compact on the outside to succeed in their environments, yet offer maximum interior space. The drivetrain solution, of course, is front wheel drive.

The compact exterior dimensions belie the excellent interior space. One key to maximizing interior space in small front wheel drive cars was uncovered a number of years back. Rather than make small cars reduced scale versions of their larger models, manufacturers figured out that if they increase the height – they actually can make seating more comfortable. And BMW takes advantage of that with the new Concept active Tourer.

BMW has done good work making the proportions of the small B-class car look correct. The car has all the BMW styling hallmarks, twin-kidney grilles, Hofmeister kink, and L shaped tailamps. The concept utilizes an interesting paint scheme that further highlights the play of shadow and light by backing the high gloss finish of some surfaces with a matt finish on undersurfaces.