Race driver Claudia Hurtgen gives an overview over 35 years of BMW Driving Experience. BWM instructs people how to handle a car and how to react in extreme situations — to guarantee safety when driving a BMW and even increase driving pleasure.

The basic idea behind the courses has remained the same for the last 30-plus years: learning how to work effectively with the car in a wide range of – sometimes critical – driving situations will allow participants to go about their daily driving safely and securely. Indeed, BMW Driving Experience or MINI Driving Experience courses prepare drivers to experience their cars in a totally new way.

The training courses and tours allow participants to focus one hundred per cent on the driving experience at all times. That’s the mission statement of BMW M GmbH, which oversees the BMW Driving Experience and MINI Driving Experience. Meals, accommodation and service are always included in the price of the events, as applicable, as well as use of the cars, of course. For courses requiring an overnight stay, the cost of a single room with full board is covered by the price of the package, as are any supplementary activities. Needless to say, passenger accident insurance is also included. All the BMW and MINI Driving Experience training courses and tours take place in small groups and under the watchful eye of specially trained BMW and MINI instructors, which helps to maximise both the progress the participants make and the enjoyment they have behind the wheel.