BMW is following of the steps of tech industry giant Apple by offering a new retail concept. Dubbed Future Retail, the idea kicked off with the opening of BMW’s first Brand Store in Paris.

Each one of these stores will be staffed with highly knowledgeable product specialists that aim to create a new retail experience for the customer. The “genius bar” approach will give BMW the opportunity to increase the number of contact points with the customer, while increasing services and customer service. An exceptional retail experience is what BMW aims for.

The Product Geniuses will not only know technical specs like horsepower and engine displacements, but will also be highly trained in things like the iDrive system, safety features and future infotainment devices. As technology advances year after year, the over complicated, yet necessary features, are harder to explain to customers. Instead of a frustrating experience with a smart, but misunderstood feature, the customers will be greeted with a full explanation on how the technology works and its benefits.

The Apple Store Genius Bar approach was first implemented in the automotive industry by Lexus.

In the future, expect as you walk into a Brand Store to be greeted by individuals equipped with tablets and running apps that will not only showcase the models configurations but also provide visuals of the top features.

Customers can expect to see a number of new BMW and MINI retail formats, as well as several initiatives in the near future.

The first markets which are planned for the roll-out of Future Retail, including the Product Genius, are France, UK, China and the Netherlands.

[Source: Forbes and BMW]