Meet an amazing BMW Z4 tuned up by the Japanese shop Rowen. The E89 Roadster serves as basis for the White Wolf Edition package, an aggressive tuning program that appeals to the racer crowd.

While not a Z4 GT3, the White Wolf does offer the looks of a racing car that makes extensive use of carbon fiber parts. At the front, the tuned up Z4 stands out with its front apron with carbon fiber splitter, aftermarket LEDs, as well as revised side skirts. In the back, the sporty look is enhanced by the titanium burnt exhaust tips integrated in the rear bumper. A carbon fiber rear wing reminds us of the racing car look.

BMW Z4 tilt front 800 655x381

The White Wolf sits on large wheels and sports a lowered suspension.

The pricing for the package is estimate to be slightly over $3,000.