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The 2012 BMW 3 Series online configurator went live at www.bmwusa.com. For those of you that are looking to highly customize your next purchase, the …

The 2012 BMW 3 Series online configurator went live at www.bmwusa.com. For those of you that are looking to highly customize your next purchase, the F30 configurator gives you the most choices ever.

The base price of the 2012 328i Sedan is $34,900 and the 335i Sedan is $42,400. This represents a $300 and $350 base price increases versus the outgoing model.

The 3 Series now includes standards features such as 6.5” display with iDrive controller, Bluetooth connectivity, USB/iPod interface, 8-Speed Automatic Transmission, Automatic Start/Stop, Dynamic Driving Control with ECO PRO Mode, Brake Energy Regeneration, and a 1” standard wheel size increase.

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The Modern Line (ZML) and Luxury Line (ZLL) will sell for an additional $2,100 for the 328i and $1,400 for the 335i model. The Sport Line (ZSL) will make you spend $2,500 for the 328i and $1,700 for 335i.

The following exterior colors are available for the new BMW 3 Series: Melbourne Red, Glacier Silver, Imperial Blue, Mineral Grey, Black Sapphire, Mojave and Alpine White.

The choices inside are even more diversified, with different leather and trim options specific for each line.

Head over to BMWUSA and configure your own 3 Series.

BMW 328i Configurator
BMW 335i Configurator

21 responses to “2012 BMW 3 Series Online Configurator at BMWUSA.com”

  1. Ldralle says:

    Anyone else think the color selection is too limited?

    • Lamatiere Laurent says:

      i totally agree and it is not the first time since past months BMW offering a limited choice…
      In the same spirit : when our favorite brand  will propose ”ventilated seats” (even as option of course… ) in a 3 series or an X3 ? i don’t understand why not ? premium or not premium ? In europe an OPEL (GM) insignia have it and a the new KIA optima too… incomprehensible ! !

    • Ricky Calo says:

      I noticed the same thing, seems like a bunch of colors are missing. Also I can’t believe Bluetooth isn’t standard on the 328i. Sort of lame on a $35k car.

  2. Guest says:

    Curious to know how the 2012 Mercedes C250 coupe stacks against the BMW lineup (1-series or 3-/4-series coupe).

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yep it’s up and it’s a stark reminder of how much BMW has changed.  This might as well be a lexus site given how few options people have.  Even worse BMW is now demanding you get certain packages to pick up common items like xenons.  

    Limited colors, limited leather options and worthless add-ons… yikes, is this the new BMW?

  4. Rob Delisa says:

    The 2012 BMW 3-Series has a pretty competitive lease deal for the monthly of February. $349.00 a month with $3500 due at signing.  I would be more inclined to pay nothing down at all and lease it for around $450.00.. You can read about it here. http://monthlycarlease.com/2012/02/car-lease-deals-february-2012/

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