The TV ad of the new BMW 3 Series is now online. In February, first delivery of the F30 3 Series will begin in Europe and United States with the first American customers taking possession of their 328i or 335i models.

With the 2012 Olympics just around the corner, BMW UK begins an early marketing campaign that revolves around athletic abilities, performance and perfection.

The new BMW 3 Series is uniquely positioned in the advertising spot as an athlete who has all the important characteristics for success in various disciplines and conveys the brand’s characteristic driving pleasure. Incidentally, other important features such as the adaptive suspension and the Head-up display emphasize the technical skills of the middle class sedan from Munich.

In the U.S., the base price of the 2012 328i Sedan is $34,900 and the 335i Sedan is $42,400. This represents a $300 and $350 base price increases versus the outgoing model. The 3 Series now includes standards features such as 6.5” display with iDrive controller, Bluetooth connectivity, USB/iPod interface, 8-Speed Automatic Transmission, Automatic Start/Stop, Dynamic Driving Control with ECO PRO Mode, Brake Energy Regeneration, and a 1” standard wheel size increase.