BMW i, the BMW Group’s e-mobility brand, is pioneering new approaches to marketing. BMW i is implementing innovative online activities and incorporating three new digital channels in its online communications concept through foursquare, and iAd. iAd is Apple’s mobile advertising network, reaching millions of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users right in their favourite apps.

BMW i is running an iAd campaign in Europe reaching iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users in Germany, England and France. As launch partner for iAd on iPad in Europe, BMW i will be initiating an innovative campaign, which will exploit the advertising potential of the iPad and open the door to a three-dimensional world of mobility images and experiences. The BMW i3 and BMW i8 concept cars will form the main focus of the advertising campaign. iPhone, iPod touch and iPad functionalities bring the cars to life, allowing them to move freely in 3D.

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Besides the BMW i subdomain’s established social media following on Facebook and Twitter, with more than 500,000 fans, the sub-brand’s presence on foursquare, a location-based social network for discovering cities, will complement BMW i communications offering. The online tool, used by 15 million people around the world, allows users to explore interesting locations in a total of 30 cities. It works as follows: As soon as foursquare users “check in” at a specific location, they receive specific online tips and background information on the area they are visiting via their mobile device. The brand-page of BMW i brand provides users with tips on locations with a particular focus on sustainability, electro-mobility, design and art.

The presence of BMW i on the pages of the online news platform rounds off the sub-brand’s cooperative marketing activities. This project has been running since April 2011 and will continue in 2012. BMW i presents Mashables 20 million visitors per month with weekly news updates on the topic of mobility and technology in the category “Global Innovation Series” at Visitors to the site are similar in profile to the BMW i target audience with regard to content and issues. therefore provides a particularly relevant platform for positioning BMW i topics.

All articles can also be found on the BMW i brand website at The BMW i sub-brand’s cooperative marketing activities were planned and implemented by the creative agency KKLD*.

[Source: BMW ]