A short time has passed since the roaring engines and smoking tires of 2011’s American LeMans series graced the legendary Mosport raceway, about an hour’s drive North East of Toronto, Canada.  While the smoke has cleared, dust has settled and spilled champaign has dried up, we thought this a good time to look back on this exciting race.
While BMW’s factory race cars did not claim victory, the racing was nonetheless close fought.  Victory has evaded BMW at Mosport since they’ve joined the ALMS championship.  This year’s race demonstrated the team’s best efforts to date, with a third place finish after placing both cars at the top end of the qualifying charts, securing pole in the process.
From P1 and P2 on the grid however, the race somewhat unraveled as a competitor evidently jumped the start – and continued without penalty – and the BMW racers faced drive-through penalties for touching a Porsche in the pits.  For a full race review, see our 2011 Mosport ALMS review article.

This grand prix circuit is not one to be taken lightly, and it stirs up viscous racing.  Please enjoy our BMWBLOG exclusive photo gallery, shot by our very own in-house photographer, Shawn Molnar.