Autoblog reports on a new technology that will be fitted in the facelifted 5 and 7 Series models. BMW is getting ready to offer a fully configurable LCD gauge cluster, similar to what Mercedes introduced in the S-Class or Jaguar in their XJ flagship.

According to the publication, the development takes place as a mixed effort between the BMW Technology Office in Palo Alto, CA and the Munich development team. The new gauge cluster will display the standard dials for speed, revs, fuel and temp, but can be configured to show additional navigation, telematics and infotainment data depending on the driving mode.

Essentially, more driver-centric information will be displayed as needed or configured, another step towards the ConnectedDrive technology featured in the recently unveiled Vision Concept.

A BMW engineer said for Autoblog that BMW doesn’t want to rely on digital representations of analog gauges, but rather use a black canvas that can display information in a variety of ways. The customization process will be kept to a minimum though, a move that will allow the company to focus on usability.

The BMW 7 Series is due for a refresh in 2013, followed a year later by the F10 5 Series.

[Source: Autoblog]