This is a preview of our upcoming full test drive of the new 2011 BMW 1 Series M Coupe. Stay tuned!

The new 1M is a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde affair. Like the 135i, the 1M is docile on the street, just the increased exhaust note betraying it’s Mr. Hyde side. There’s an immediate difference in throttle response with the M button on.

But otherwise it’s just capable and competent. But. Get it on the track and it’s Katy bar the door. Torque? Good gawd, this is solid rocket booster torque. The 1M is seriously quick track weapon. There is a nice ‘S’ complex at Monticello that snakes it’s way uphill. It is a definite kick in the pants to be going wide open throttle through it.

photo 12 655x491

This car will be track day junkies holy grail. Coming in at $47,010 delivered, young cR enthusiasts may just have to find a way to get one. It may mean Raman noodles three nights a week but it just might be worth it.