The new 2012 BMW ActiveE will make its debut in two weeks at the Geneva Motor Show. The 1 Series Coupe electric conversion continues down the path of the first electric vehicle launched by the BMW Group, MINI E. The 1 Series Coupe electric conversion pilot kicks off in summer of 2011 and the field trial will build on the success and experience gained during the MINI E field trial which took place in several European cities and within US.

The first pure BMW electric vehicle, Megacity, will launch in 2013, but ahead of its debut, BMW continues to experiment with electric conversion vehicles. ActiveE is an electric vehicle based on the body shell of a vehicle with a combustion engine. The BMW ActiveE integrates all electric drive components such as energy storage unit, electric motor and power electronics in a vehicle body that was not originally intended for this purpose – and without compromising on space or comfort in the interior.

Compared to the MINI E, the 1 Series Coupe electric offers space for four passengers and around 200 liters of luggage storage. To showcase some of its abbilities and technology, along with the iPhone app specifically designed for this model, BMW releases a series of videos.

Have you ever wondered how the electric engine sounds? Have a look.