Press Release: In our beloved automotive industry, “change” is the game, it’s inevitable to evolve in order to gain ground as a business and to promote growth as a person. Adaptation to ever-changing environments, exploration of new territories and the want to do something different are traits and emotions towards individuality and advantage.

For 2011 we welcome these challenges and are admirably inspired by individuals requesting that Arkym be a part of their New Year’s Resolution of exploring a new realm and direction within their professional careers. This just also happens to be one of those instances where project concepts were borne out of an often over-sighted friendship in the industry.

As members of an automotive enthusiast community, we love automobiles and clearly in our Arkym aftermarket line of products we love catering to the BMW and European vehicle crowd.

As with yourselves, when we read of great car project builds and gain inspiration it’s not too surprising that we easily assume and express internally, “That guy did a perfect job modifying his car”, and to [this assumption] we present the community a challenging question: What if it was a woman? Couldn’t it be that she literally stood in front of her own pride and joy? The concept isn’t new and after all, one would be hard-pressed to find a vehicle community without an ongoing “Cars and Girls” thread. What we believe to be most admirable here is the entrance of her project into our community and her tasteful decisions in modifications to ‘get her way’ in.

Tastefully modified cars and beautiful girls. Simply pairing the two together causes an uncanny chain reaction in the male counterpart to want to check them out and for all of us they are highly sought after attractions in any event. If you could imagine, entering into the world of the import scene, competition would be just as fierce among these women vying for your support of the popular vote in order to grace the cover of this month’s Super Street. In my opinion, it takes a different kind of woman, a headstrong and prideful one, to take a step up from the norm and to break free from the common stereotypes found in her own environment. There was a clear and personal goal in her approach to vendors of choice, “I want to stand in front of my own car.” said Maureen Chen.

And thus what was coincidentally manifested from this perfectly timed request was the Arkym E92 3-Series M-Sport MC Edition, 3-piece AeroSport kit for the 2010+ BMW 335is LCIs. A good relationship between individuals in the same automotive scene, man or woman, is absolutely key no matter where they come from as neighbors in our world. Given the opportunity for us at Arkym to explore the 335is lineup with Maureen Chen provided us with refreshing insight on how her personality and professionalism in wanting to be a part of her own project translates directly toward the look and feel of her car: sporty, classy, “avant garde”, and not afraid to bite.

We kindly thank Maureen for the challenge, inspiration and collaboration in concepting the E92 335is LCI M-Sport Kit for the BMW enthusiast community and are absolutely proud to state that this new presentation of our Arkym product line was made possible by a woman in this industry.

[Source: ARKYM ]