Press Release: Iacobucci is the worldwide leader in manufacturing of galley insert for commercial and business aviation and with the innovative VIP seat design the company is now about to enter a new market. “We believe our company is mature to introduce a new product in the VIP aircraft seat market”, Lucio Iacobucci, President and CEO of Iacobucci HF, says. “BMW Group DesignworksUSA was the ideal partner for this new project and I am confident both companies can offer the right mix of technology, innovation and design to the market.”

Designing Lightness

As the theme of perceived lightness was in the focus of the concept the team set out to create a design conveying openness and transparency. The designers took Iacobucci’s innovative seat mechanism and created an attractive shape featuring fresh, reduced, and unique attributes. To emphasize lightness and transparency the material from the armrest was removed. Similar to premium automotive seat design, DesignworksUSA paid meticulous attention to every detail for this design program.

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The end design result is a graceful seat ready to enhance any aircraft interior. “With our close to 40 years of experience in seat design for a wide range of industries we provided Iacobucci with design innovation to create a premium product that differentiates Iacobucci for their entry in a highly competitive market.” said Laurenz Schaffer, President BMW Group DesignworksUSA”.

Maximum Comfort for Private Jet Travel

Featuring a single back rest structure and a deployable and extendable leg rest, the newseat design guarantees maximum comfort and proper support of the body in various seating positions. A specific “cradle” recline mechanism with a seat pan tilt coordinated with backrest recline and fully retractable armrest convert the seat surface into a fully flat and flawless bed which is unique in the industry. The headrest movement includes vertical, horizontal and tilting features and the seat is manually operated. Electronic controls can be installed as an option. A sleek modern design and use of premium materials sourced from the best worldwide suppliers make the seat an exclusive choice for private jet customers.

[Source: BMW]