Be A Designer: We will draw the BMW 135i Coupe just the way you want to

Be a designer | October 12th, 2009 by 36
BMW 135i BD 02 750x500

Our exclusive “Be A Designer” project continues today with a new episode. The project is a joint venture between BMWBLOG, and rendering artist Andrei …

Our exclusive “Be A Designer” project continues today with a new episode. The project is a joint venture between BMWBLOG, and rendering artist Andrei Arvavarii and it is sponsored by Classic BMW Ohio who believed in this project and continues to support it.

The initiative has been a great success so far, we started off with the redesign of the BMW 3 Series Sedan, then we moved up to the “high-class” and rendered the new 7 Series. But today, we’re going to give you, the BMW enthusiasts, an even more fun project. Together, we would like to redesign the BMW 135i Coupe, the latest 1 Series model that has gathered around it a large community of enthusiasts.

The rules are the same as before, based on your own ideas and input, our rendering artist will draw the 135i Coupe just the way you want to.

BMW 135i BD 02 654x436

In 2007, coupé and cabriolet bodies were added to the 1 series. Exterior changes to the model were minor headlight and taillight revisions, and new front/rear bumpers. The 1 Series Coupé was marketed in the U.S. as a spiritual successor to the legendary BMW New Class with its long bonnet, slim cabin and short rear. It has been said that the BMW 1 invokes memories of the E36 BMW, as stated in both Road and Track and Car and Driver Magazines.BMW is also advertising the car using comparisons to its classic 2002, an iconic two-door from the 1970s known for its light weight and high level of performance.

Being a car that is all about performance and aerodynamics, the 135i redesigning project should be lots of fun. Over the years, many BMW fans have expressed their thoughts on the new 1er Coupe and lots of ideas have been shared regarding future design changes.

So what design changes would you make on the BMW 135i Coupe?

This project is brought to you by Classic BMW, Willoughby Hills, Ohio.

BMW 135i BD 01 654x436

36 responses to “Be A Designer: We will draw the BMW 135i Coupe just the way you want to”

  1. Matt Montgomery says:

    Headlights need to continue along the line of the hood, same width, just not turned down at an angle. Kidney grilles should each be wider, filling out the space between the headlights. Front skirt would look great with a carbon fiber diffuser as would the rear. Also carbon out the side mirrors and the antenna fin. Mirror the double exhaust on the right side for a quad exhaust look. . shrink the tailights north to south so they wrap around the car with more of a ‘widescreen’ format. Strap on some CSL type 19′ wheels in carbon fiber, and take the car’s paint to Marrakesh Brown Metallic as seen on the new x1. Remove the 135i badge, and lastly: put in a single strip hood intake as seen on e46 m3 coupes with a black or carbon fiber color.



  2. AiRit says:

    There’s only one thing that I would want to change which is the headlights I would like it to be slimmer and more aggressive. And I might want the kidney grilles to be a bit bigger.

  3. michael says:

    quad square exhausts
    the headlights need to be slimmer & more streamlined for a more aggressive look. Also the arrow crease that’s in the new 3 series could work here.
    the grill needs to be bigger and better integrated into the front bumper/bonnet

  4. Bryce says:

    1. Quad Exhaust
    2. Add the headlights from the 2010 3-series rendering, they look slimmer and more aggressive IMHO.
    3. Black Carbon-Fiber Roof
    4. Interlagos Blue
    5. Add the CS slivers on the side intakes of the front spoiler. I like the current front spoiler though and wouldn’t change it, just add the sliver things.
    6. Idea: Would the Z4 grill and tail-lights fit?
    7. Make it a 3-door hatchback!! (But please don’t make it a 5-door)
    8. Arrow crease on the front hood
    9. Cooler mirrors (the current ones look pretty lame)
    10. Slim the taillights to make them look aggressive

  5. jocamryn says:

    As said before, slimmer headlights w/the LED turnsignals. Perhaps the upcoming LED halos as well.

    The sagging line over the body panel looks too loose, tighten it up. and lower the upper crease some.

    Light lines/Bars on the rear tails (a-la the 3er and the 7er)

    Damn the pedestrian safety standards and fix the flat face of the front.

  6. Daniel says:

    I have already chosen :-)

    Great mission, I wonder how the result looks.


  7. Victor says:

    1. symmetric double exhaust
    2. gill ventilation on the left and right sides near doors.

  8. Agent Orange 76 says:

    as the current entry level BMW the design should stay simple but still give that BMW look at a glance…..
    the car also has to have mass appeal and should not have a “tuner” look. so skip the carbon fiber and stripes. tuners go for cars that have something of a blank canvas look and an entry level car should keep this in mind…..
    but as a sport spirit lying beneath the entry level “moniker”. as stated before the sides need “tightend up” look at the VW Scirroco for inspiration.. i also like the shadowline and blacked out grills even though we be gin to lean towards the tuner aspect…. im such a hypocrit…

  9. JMLBMW says:

    Thin out the headlights by bringing the top of clear lense down. Make it even with the line of the hood. Also, the waist line on the sides of the car should be more like the M3, which would take away the square box look of the car. I have a 135i on order in Black Sapphire Metallic which hides the square look much better then the lighter colors.

  10. Marius says:

    Maybe some E30 style headlights and m3 styling.

  11. Marius says:

    Taillights from e39 touring.

  12. 1. Headlights need to be thinner
    2. Taillights need to be slimmer and more sleek like the e92 tail lamps
    3. no more chrome trim around the windows
    4. New wheel designs
    5. Dual exhausts like on the 335i

  13. badger says:

    LED halos, make sure the lights are more sleek.
    get rid of the plastic rear bumper- make it the same material of rest of the car
    dual tips
    grills A BIT BIGGER
    tail lights either need to be more sleek looking
    redesigned front M opening- looks too agressive.

  14. Vaybach Khan says:

    what about to add two doors more and make a sedan with coupe taillights..

  15. Marc says:

    Keep it a coupe.
    Slim the front end…top to bottom, left to right
    Make the headlights slightly sleeker without looking like Cateyes.
    The rear diffuser needs to be shadowline black for sport package and body colored for non-sport.
    GET RID OF THE POT BELLY LINE….that is the single most important change that needs to be made IMHO.

  16. Marc says:

    Oh and get rid of the run-craps…err..flats.

  17. Horatiu B. says:

    Posted by “shonguiz” on Germancarzone:

    Ok so i start, everything that needs to be changed in the 1er is in the front, in fact you have to change 3 main things
    1. headlights – the two circles should be bigger and more spaced to use the whole headlights inner surface, while the blank-turning signal area should be stripped down.

    2. Make the whole front cut much more upright and clean

    3. The grill should be incorporated to the hood.

  18. Horatiu B. says:

    Added by “klier” and “just_me” on GCZ:

    Definitely keep the bath thub design. Add larger grille with shark nose effect, maybe sqare-ish Angel Eyes without the plastic cover in front of the headlights, like the old school Bimmers..

    The car only need more aggressive headlights other than that its perfect.

  19. Christian Graf says:

    All you really need to do is make it less baby-faced and a little more aggressive; More grown up.

  20. Bryce says:

    Spy photos of a supersport 1 were just posted. Looks like they’ll be adding some muscle to the fenders, we might as well do the same thing here!

  21. badger says:

    DO NOT DO WHAT YOU DID WITH THE ” design your own bmw 3 series”
    That was the ugliest design ever.

  22. jon H says:

    The thing I really missed on the 135 was the dual exhaust to better differentiate from the lowly 128.

    bumping out the fenders never hurts

    make the fascia slightly less upright looking from the profile, rake it a little more and in the same vein re-imagine the headlights to look less cross-eyed.

  23. Christian says:

    I think the headlights should be wider and sleeker ( maybe LEDs) and be more stretched along the bonnet, making the bonnet longer.
    The door mirrors should include the indicator lights running all along the mirrors.
    It should have the current BMW nose, as used on the new 7 series and X1.
    The rear should be more like the X6, and have LED rear lights and rear parking sensors and a rear mounted camera.

  24. Mike Messer says:

    As much of (or really a lack-there-of) a fan as I’m of the new BMW designs (as can be attested for by my input on the 7 series redesign), the 1 series has actually been pretty well designed. Don’t get me wrong, there should be some changes made cosmetically.

    1. Dual or the possibility of quad exhaust.
    2. I would like to see the e39 m5/e46 m3 side mirrors to get rid of the crease in mirrors.
    3. A (modest) 1in drop all around.
    4. A very slight “eyebrow” for the lights.
    5. Black “Shadow” line trim for around the windows and kidney grills.
    6. 6000k angel eyes.
    7. Get rid of the horizontal line in the intake for the front fender, replace with the black mesh found in the “center intake” on the fender.
    8. Make the front portion of line above the side skirt angled slightly more down instead of up, for a more aggressive feel. You can make an intake for the rear brakes on the side skirt but that’s something you’d find more on the performance packaged 1ers.
    9. The center tail/brake light should be placed in the top center of the rear wind shield (where it belongs)
    10. switch around the design of the tail lights so they’re a 2 piece design (like the 3 series), this will add to a lower/wider looking car and could also make the trunk lid’s vertical line straight instead of bending at 90 degree angle.
    11. The only change to the rear bumper (like I said before) is dual/quad exhaust for the rear diffuser.
    12. Make the rear lip spoiler a little more noticeable; nothing huge just enough for more people than the average car enthusiast to recognize it. Something between what’s currently on it and what’s on the tii prototype.
    13. Like I said on the 7series redesign: if you can by this car, you can most probably by a set of rims that you want. But I would really like to see the 18 performance rims on the car; either the 5-double spoke rims or the 10-double spoke rims.

    I think that’s all for now, I’ll be looking forward to seeing the designs!

  25. Horatiu B. says:

    by Shane:

    PLEASE fix the rood line and the headlights. I’d like to see the kidney grills of the new 7 in there.

  26. Horatiu B. says:

    by Alex:

    Slimmer sharper headlight from 3er coupe.
    Lower edgier roof line to create a super car stance.

  27. Horatiu B. says:

    by Jorge

    Slimmer headlights (to give it less of a big eyed look), grill tilted from the top outer more like the 80’s style BMW’s. the rear windshield should flow more into the trunk instead of the more angeled look.

  28. Horatiu B. says:

    by Mauro Corti

    More aggressive tail LED lights, newer front lights (3er restyling / 7er / 5er GT), larger kidneys like z4’s ones.

  29. Horatiu B. says:

    by Max

    I would like to see more aggressive headlights, taillights from CS and a lil bit lower roof at the end of the car

  30. Horatiu B. says:

    by Sheikh

    Aggresive front lights (as the e90 335i)
    LED lights on tail-lights
    135i Performance Rims
    Carbonfiber roof as the m3

  31. Horatiu B. says:

    by Giom

    This little car is so perfect allready, that I wouldn’t change a lot.

    The things I would like to see, would be more aggressive headlights. Nothing borrowed from other BMWs, something unique to the design!

    And, how about a lower roof line – just slightly. It should accentuate the sporty stance

  32. Horatiu B. says:

    By Ramon Juarez

    ·Gran Turismo lines
    ·Vision Efficient Dynamics tail-lights
    ·GINA front lights

  33. nabil says:

    create or put a chrome bar running alongside both back tailaights..will look absouloutly sexy. try it!!

  34. Clemson says:

    -More muscular fender shape
    -Lower roofline. The current stance is screwed up by the high roof, making the car look cartoonish.
    -Redo the front fascia to give it a more masculine appearance.

  35. Joe Salama says:

    1. Sleeker more aggressive headlight design with eyebrows. Instead of a smooth line as the bottom border of the headlight, maybe incorperate a smoother version of the additional double half circles as the lower borders more akin the look in the e46 M3, and facelifted e38 7series. This could also allow for larger halo rings.
    2. Enlarged outlet for the rear diffuser between quad exhaust for more aggressive look in rear.
    3. Door handes that follow more in the line of the car and pull from underneath (more like the z3 or e38 7series again) vs. door pulls the jut out of the body for a slicker look.
    4. A Longer or the illusion of a longer hood to familiarize with the style of the new z4, 5series and 7series.

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