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Be a designer | August 26th, 2009 by 41
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Last week, we launched the second episode of our “Be A Designer” project, an initiative that allows all of you to express your opinion regarding …

Last week, we launched the second episode of our “Be A Designer” project, an initiative that allows all of you to express your opinion regarding the design lines of current BMW models. While the first time we decided to go with the 3 Series Sedan, this time around, the new 7 Series was the subject of our social experiment.

Some of you disagreed with this choice since the new 7 indeed is one of the best designs we have seen in a while. But on the other hand, there were still plenty BMW fans that would have liked to “operate” small changes in the design lines. So we listened to you, we gathered your advice and opinions and passed them onto to our rendering artist, Andrei.

The results? Quite interesting we might add and while the 3 Series redesign was more adventurous and unique, the 7 kept its major design lines, but added some design cues that provide a more aggressive look at the front-end and a rounded, not so radical design lines at the rear.

The wheels on the blue painted 7, come from the CS Concept, on the red car we redesigned the Style 37 wheels found on the older 750i E38 and last but not least, on the gray painted model, we “touched” the Style 312 wheels.

High Resolution Image

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Our next project will revolve around the BMW 1 Series Coupe, a vehicle that has lots of fans and gives you and us the opportunity to redesign it more drastically, revolutionary and adventurous, so stay tuned for our next episode. But, if you have any other suggestions, we will listen….

In the mean time, we would like to thank everyone for your input and also, a big shout-out to our sponsor Classic BMW, Ohio that supports us and our projects.

Project sponsored by Classic BMW, Ohio

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  • The front part. it’s so boring. maybe work with a bumper and Headlamps? and make nostrils smaller? add bumper like in M models

Frederico Silva
For me just the bumper, so boring…

  • Add a more aggressive bumper similar to the M Sport one but without the chrome.
  • quad exhausts could be added
  • have larger alloy wheels
  • don’t add LED lights.


  • about the bumper, either like M models


  • I would like to see a very simple but elegant front bumper/air intake. One wide opening with nice subtle detailing on the edges. No chrome inset.


  • go back to incorporating the grill into the hood. That was so much more pleasing to the eye. Now there’s just this abrupt gap there.

Vaybach Khan

  • 1st i would like to see it 7er in some kind of red or even netter in blue
  • 2nd tint the windows
  • 3rd sharpen the headlights top angle
  • 4th black out the rear lights
  • 5th change bumper to M without chrome
  • 6th put a after market crazy same colored rims…


  • Front part: Change headlamps in a way that they are on 5 GT series.


  • I would like to see more dramatic side panels, the ones are the car now are to boring imo. maybe lower the belt line in tad, and decrease the shapness of the belt line crease, while perhaps making it a little bigger?
  • smaller more angular grilles
  • nicer wheels
  • rocker panels that don’t curve under
  • the hofmeister kink a bit kinkier


  • fix the front bumper, it is very boring
  • maybe make the kidney grills a bit smaller and add some design curves into the bumper


  • If the C-pillar to the 7-series were more angled and the cabin made to look a bit more aggressive like the CLS then this car could be truly beautiful.

Mike Messer

  • Redesign the hood so it has something similar to the new V shaped “power bulge” on it. But not quite the full length of the hood since it’s already a long car and does not need to look longer.
  • Bring the handle line on the doors down about 2 inches to make the door and overall car appear lower.
  • Make the Kidney Grills smaller (at least shorten the height/ leave the width; similar to the new Z4’s)
  • The side skirts need a little more definition and the door should be the flatter part. (The skirt is completely flat compared to my e46 325xi). Also, bring the total height of the side skirt up slightly and shorten the total door’s height (maybe about 1 – 1 1/2 inches).
  • The front intakes on the bumper are too open. Make them more like the Z4’s how they come in towards the center on the inner part of the brake duct (derived off the ///M models). I would really like to see a hybrid of an ///M bumper and the Z4’s.
  • The taillights upper line should be at the same level as the chrome accent bar that goes across the width of the trunk also not a fan of the chrome bar. Integrate the reverse light into the the red light on the trunk. And also bring the base line of all the taillights up a little to also make the car seem lower and wider (similar to the e9X coupe).
  • Delete the rear deflectors on the bumper.
  • Make the vertical seam between the rear bumper and rear quarter panel slightly less vertical/not as noticeable.
  • Make a smoother transition between the trunk lid and the rear quarter panels to get ride of that “Bangle” design. Also, make the lip on the trunk lid slightly less rounded. Maybe incorporate a more CSL-esque lip?
  • ACS rear diffuser (or something similar). Also delete the incorporated tail-pipes an have just a cutout for them. The oval shape is also not my favorite, so maybe quad pipes (BMW did use quad-pipes on all of their stock e31s for you naysayers about having quad-pipes on a non-M).
  • Lower the ride height by about 1 inch.
  • 30% tint on everything but the windshield.
  • But I would love to see a set of the newly redesigned wheels that are like the style 37’s (not sure if they are 18″ or 19″, but they should be 19″ for this car. They’re used on the 3 series performance package); or a 19″ redesigned version of the style 42’s (not the like the style 101’s); or style 312’s (also 19″, not the current 21″). Non of the wheels should have a lip larger than 1 – 1 1/2 inches (if at all).


  • I would just like to see bigger rims and Star-like desing like the one in the Hamann version.


  • a glass canopy top, make it a moonroof. It would give it the cool look of the M3 roof with the cool functionality of being able to see the sky.

Neal Pratt

  • Make the grills like the 335i, and give it CS headlights.


  • I would like the tail lights to be longer but narrower kind of like e92.


  • Vertical bands of the kidney grills to do wider and chrome-plate as on Z4. It will give the solidity and aggressiveness.
  • Change the form of the front headlights, do them expressiveness, sharply, more clear.
  • Shadow line – not much well, since chromed lines emphasizes the beauty of Hoffmayster’ line.
  • Rear part to make over completely, because it looks like Lexus LS


  • How about for the C-Pillar, having to extend it further back more, so it looks more coupe like. Overall size would be the same still…


  • Remove the rear bumper reflective glasses
  • if the car was a little wider but it is not about
  • Wheels of concept cs.


change the side mirros, make them rounder rather then squared off!

41 responses to “Be A Designer: Here is the BMW 7 Series designed by you”

  1. Horatiu B. says:

    Guys, I hope you enjoyed this as much as we did….always fun to hear your opinion

  2. Jag says:

    after those 2 “be a designer” campaigns, i realize that the original versions are always the best. surely BMW designers have tried all possilble designs for their cars and we should not modify any detail.

  3. Victor says:


    I WANT THIS CAR!!! It is so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!

    designers in BMW losers! You have done a great job!


  4. Victor says:

    Could you upload BMW 7 blue version in bigger format? i want it as wallpaper for big monitor!

    Thanks :)

  5. AiRit says:

    Thanks the taillight looks great, could be a bit longer though.
    Also like the front bumper but not so sure about the 5GT headlight.

  6. Jordan says:

    I agree with Jag…. after seeing these renderings, not that they are bad and in fact some things I think should be in the facelift, but it sure goes to show how talented the BMW designers really are.

    the stuff I really like is the lower front grill and air intakes on the deep blue 7 series. the whole front end is actually fantastic from my POV and I could actually see that as a production BMW. i like the lower side skirt changes and i really like that they brought the door handles and design crease down the doors, it looks way too high IMO on the current 7 series. all in all, fantastic front and side changes i believe.

    as for the rear, not liking it much. this is supposed to be a sedan, not a fastback like the Mercedes CLS. it doesn’t look bad tho, just doesn’t go with a sedan. and the other point is i think it looks slightly too Audi-esque. thin the taillights from top to bottom and it’d be hard to tell at first glance that it wasn’t an Audi you were looking at.

    i really do love the front and side design in the deep blue color! :)

  7. Giom says:

    I fully agree with the above opinion that BMW has done a great job with the Seven. But it is always interesting and fun, to see what an alternative could have looked like.

    The renderings makes for a bigger looking, more rounded shape – and all in all I’d say it looks quite upper class.

    I think you guys are amaizing that you took each and every opinion into action and showed us our inputs! This makes it something worth taking part in.

    Well done!

  8. wazon says:

    Headlights looks really better. Overall car is grea, albthough I’m not sure whether 7-er sohuld be so agressive. Anyway, BMW should borrow front of this car somewhere. If 5-er will have common design language with this rendering, it will be really impressive car. Thanks, great work!

  9. Ankit says:

    I think the front face of new 7-Series is not much aggressive as are the rivals.but back design is the most aggressive I have seen in a car till date !!

  10. _Auday_ says:

    th front is a good improvement IMO, I bet the new 5er will have that front. the back, not so much, it is more Luxusy now than it is originally… the slop of the C Pillar looks like a GS350

  11. Adnan says:

    This is cool, but i dont like the rear end, and this car just reminds me too much of the Mercedes CL (this is not a bad thing since the CL is the most beautiful Benz)

  12. Vaybach Khan says:

    well ok u took my idea for color…and its grea!!! but u didnt took other ideas but hey its ok …i guess it wasnt part of migority…its cool design i like that coupeish trunk…like the rims…the headlights are just too similar to gt..

  13. Jukos says:

    Thanx guys for considering the 5GT headlights, I personally think that those look much better, as lights on present model are pretty dull. Yet I am not sure about the back part as it looks too Audi A5-ish to me.

  14. BA says:

    First look it reminded me of the Infiniti M35 from the front bumper’s perspective. I think the tail lights still need to be redifined. Overall – a fresh look from the original. Nice job guys.

  15. bunker says:

    Horatiu, this one is gorgeous. You guys should send this to BMW just for fun.

    Very, VERY well done. Wallpapers?!?

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Andrei just gave me the blue on in high res, I will have some more wallpapers shortly.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Bunker, BMWNA saw the photos :) They always do….they applauded our initiative to engage BMW fans, current or future owners.

      We’re very happy with this project as well and our goal always has been to communicate with you, not just us posting articles and hoping for the best :)

  16. Thanks guys! Glad to see you like the redesign. It was a pleasure working with your pertinent comments. Be sure to check also the Automarket version. That was intended as a modern E38.

  17. BmwM5Fan says:

    Man, the rendering is great, well u didnt get the idea with the bumper i was talking about, but still a very stylish and good remake! I suppose that the 6 series gt would look like this perhaps )

  18. Vitric says:

    Reminds me of the CLS class.

  19. JL328i says:

    turned out pretty good. its interesting to see (a few of) my ideas being executed… it was fun, i will definatley participate in the next one!

  20. Bryce says:

    I personally think this design is much better than the standard 7-series. I’m shocked that there are so many people that disagree, but I guess I’m not much of a traditionalist. To me, the redesign is much more aggressive, which rightfully portrays the motorsport heritage of BMW. Thanks Horatiu and Andrei. I would definitely buy this over the standard 7, but I guess I’ll have to wait and hope the new 5 looks something along the lines of what you came up with.

  21. Hantra says:

    Wow! We pwn’d the BMW designers this time. I like it much better.

  22. badger says:

    so much better than the orginal 7er,
    only promblem for me is it almost looks short with the coupe styling in the back. Never the less, this is amazing!

  23. Horatiu B. says:

    Glad you liked this project. Let us know if the 1 Series Coupe for next project sounds good

  24. Bryce says:

    1-series sounds like it would be fun! Although, I wonder if there will be too many design ideas to fit into one rendering. I like how we had the red and the blue with the different wheel designs for the 7. I’m just thinking that I already know that I’m going to recommend a hatchback as well as a 2-door version of the 1-series so I wonder if it will be possible to render two versions of it.

  25. Giom says:

    The One should be fun.

    But! Why don’t we try – this time, to come up with brand new design language. Let people come up with ideas that are non existing on current models – a future design. Just a thought, I’ve got no idea what will come out of there. But it could be fun:)


  26. c.o says:

    wow !!
    it looks very nice! real nice work! the hood and the niere (frontgrill) looks much better than original!
    i would buy it!

  27. MAx says:

    That blue one is simply AMAIZING!!!

  28. Mike says:

    That is really UGLY! Rear end has nothing to do with BMW and it makes me throw up! Front hood … what the heck is that ?

  29. Dan says:

    I think it looks great, sure, not production ready, but it has some great cues that could be used on any model.

  30. Baha says:

    Hi, any for BMW E30 (320i). Thank you

  31. Anthony says:

    I dont like changes keep the original

  32. AutoCritical says:

    Hey, i like that front end, overall turning out quite well. For a ‘on sale now’ model, it looks great!

  33. Kos says:

    Good day.
    All these new renderings are good and present generation of 7er looks nice, but next step is to make smthng extra, smthng ultra, which won’t be comparable with S-class, or A8, or LS, but which will be of higher class!
    Remake Java or present RR into new 7er. Current tail is nice. Pls try!

  34. pakiso says:

    the exhaust pipes are too normal how about trying to use the thick exhaust pipes, 1 per side. BMW is been using the same kind of exhaust since i knew bmw.

  35. pbemrwa says:

    Maybe need bigger air intakes and 5th door!

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