Just a few days later after our article on “How to retrofit a Night Vision Camera in your BMW”, we learned that FLIR, the company behind the Night Vision camera found in some BMW models, will showcase their PathFindIR thermal imaging camera at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The PathFindIR allows you to see clearly in total darkness, further than with headlamps alone, through light fog, smoke, and dust. Pathfinder uses the same technology currently used by the U.S. Government for night vision.

FLIR, used to make commercial nightvision systems for law enforcement, marine, and airborne vehicle, but with their PathfindIR  camera they stepped into the automotive world. This is their first infrared nightvision adaptable for any car. They technology was showed off this year at SEMA.

To take this experience to an even higher level, FLIR will bring a BMW 6 Series with them at CES, so the audience can enjoy the full experience. Since we will be in Detroit next week for the auto show, we’ll have to take a pass on this demo.

[Source: Autoblog ]