Hello everyone,

we have some exciting news today for all the BMWBlog readers, bimmer fans or german car lovers. For the past few weeks, we have been working on launching a german edition of BMWBlog, named BMWToday.de

Our statistics showed that a large percentage of people visiting our site daily are from Germany, to be more precise, Germany ranks number four in our visitors’ top, behind U.S, Canada and U.K. So therefore, we wanted to give our german friends a present, a BMW based blog, only in german, as a tribute to building such an amazing car.

We will work together with our german editors to make BMWToday.de the most important BMW related blog in Germany. Many news that could be found on the main blog will make their way onto the german edition, but also, they will provide us with the latest news, photos, rumors and any other BMW articles that could be found in german newspapers, magazines, blogs or forums.

As far as the design goes, we decided to keep the same format as the one seen here, so the transition will be smoother and our readers will not feel lost, but rather familiar with the layout.

Benny Hiltscher will be the main editor at BMWToday.de and should you have any questions for him, please feel free to use the contact form on the blog.

We’re onto something big here and we would like to thank everyone for the great support that you have given us for the past months.

Hallo BMWToday.de und….Danke!