I was up in Chicago visiting Horatiu this past weekend. And our buddy Irv Robinson at Motor Werks in Barrington, IL gave us some nice cars to drive. We started off looking for an E90 M3 in Silver. Yuck. But for some odd reason we couldn’t find it… Oh well. I asked Irv about the Jerez Black with Red leather. Yes, red leather! It was indeed incredibly sexy.

Some of you may remember my original test drive review of the E92 M3. I did that when it first dropped in February. What a ride! I was eager to do it all again in the E90. I’ve been wanting to drive the E90 to see what the differences were between it and the E92.

I found one difference, really. It felt lower and a little more planted. Which really is kind of odd, seeing as which the E92 is longer and weighs less. Maybe it’s because I haven’t driven such an amazing car in so long. The only other difference was the price. $66,000 versus $70,000. A nice savings for 2-extra doors. I’m a 4-door sedan man myself, so I would love it.

Stay tuned for some photos of the M3.

But now onto the video.


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Article by Josh from RawAutos.com