Rumor: Are we going to get the tii?

1 Series | March 20th, 2008 by 0

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According to the fellows at WindingRoad, sources close to BMW revealed that a stripped-out lightweight setup using the twin-turbo six installed on a 135i, is currently being tested. While, I really don't think BMW will actually going to make the tii a production car, I am still going to relate to you what the inside sources have told our colleagues.

A German source with direct knowledge of the goings-on tells us that what is currently in testing is a stripped-out lightweight setup using the twin-turbo six installed in the 135i (as well as in the 335i and 535i). The engine will be set lower within the body work as well to bring the slight top-heaviness of the 3.0-liter twin turbo motor closer to earth, thereby immediately improving cornering abilities. No word on power output upgrades yet, but the acceleration number to 60mph is, according to our source, “pleasantly under 4.5 seconds.” 

Back in February at the Chicago Auto Show, we had a chance to chit-chat with one of the top BMW executives, and among other things, we have asked if the tii will become a production car. The answer was: Absolutely NOT! All that BMW will do is to provide the performance parts to all the 1-series enthusiasts that would like to "transform" their car into a lighter, faster version, such as the tii. 

Sorry guys, but I don't think there will be an M1 or a tii.