Ok, I made it to Germany. In case you missed my previous article, I am picking up a BMW 335i on Friday, and this is my second European Delivery. So, I left Chicago on Wed, on a Lufthansa flight. Lately, I’ve noticed that the check-in times and security lines are smaller, so basically it took me 15min total to check-in and go through.

I know the airlines usually want people to show up two hours before their flight, recently I learned that getting there 1:15-1:30 minutes prior departure, is sufficient.

I haven’t flown in an Airbus in a while, so I was a little excited to see how these 340’s are. Having some connections with Lufthansa, I was upgraded to business class and WOW, did that make a difference?!! I have flown most of the time business in 747’s, but the upper class in the 340 is WAY better. At least the Airbus the LH was using, it was upgraded from the previous models, and it’s absolutely beautiful.

The flat beds, the master remote control, the large LCD screen, the great food, etc…absolutely worth it. It was the first time that I used the master remote and it was fun to select your videos(about 60 of them), TV shows, your own music and…..to play video games, that was the fun part. The back of this remote is actually a game controller so you can play any games pretty much. The seats are really wide, comfortable and built with one thing in mind: ergonomics. Other features included: own storage space, shoes storage space, power charger.

Of course, I had my laptop with me but having so many entertainment features, I basically used it for only 20 min. One thing that I was missing was the internet connection, that would have been the icing on the cake.

So, 7hrs 45 min later, I was landing in Munich. Local time 6am, everything was really quiet, no custom lines, the bags came out within 10 minutes, everything was so smooth.

Most of the people that go to pick up their cars in Munich, they tend to stay in Munich City North or South. There are a few options to get there: taxi, shuttle bus or calling Rolf Raffelsieper, the bimmerfest preference. I decided to go the shuttle bus route. I landed in Terminal 2 , walked outside, and the Blue Lufthansa bus was just sitting there. Of course, at 6am, there was only me and another US fellow. The fee: 10 Euros. Not bad at all, especially since the Airport is about 35km outside Munich. It took me about 35min to get to City North but there was some traffic, it usually takes about 20-25min.

Tomorrow morning at 11am I’m picking up my 335i, so I will have a full report tomorrow night and TONS of photos and videos. Exciting day for me!!