I am getting ready to leave for Germany on Wednesday to pick up my second BMW European Delivery car. The previous time, back in 2003, I opted for a 325i, with Sport and Premium packages, but this time, I decided to go a little “higher”, so I purchased the 335i with BMW award winning twin-turbo engine.

I have to admit: I am a big fan of the European Delivery program and honestly, I see myself buying my next car the same way. My first trip was absolutely awesome, I picked up the car in Germany, drove around Munich and Frankfurt and then decided to go skiing in a resort near Zurich.

Right after I came back, I was totally impressed by the BMW European Delivery program and together with Irv, we decided to start a website based on it. So, yes, that’s how edBMW started and from there, we became so popular that we decided it’s time to start a blog as well. A year later, and we became the most important BMW blog out there and one of the top car blogs.

Now, going back to the my European Delivery, I will be picking up my car on Friday, at the new BMW Welt . I am very excited about this and technologically, I am fully prepared to show you, through photos and videos, how impressive the Welt is. So, get ready for a full report on Friday and Saturday.

Here is my car configured on the BMWUSA website

BMW 335i Montego Blue

As you can see, I decided to get the Sport Package, so it comes with performance tires. Therefore, I am going to rent some winter tires from our blog sponsor, John Lance, at edwintertires.com. In case you didn’t know, less than two years ago, BMW endorsed the German rule whereby it is illegal to drive on summer tires on the autobahn if it has snowed. If you do so and get into an accident, you would probably be considered liable and could find yourself possibly without insurance coverage.

John has some great prices, on top of the fact that it’s conveniently located near the drop-off point. You can read more about the quality of his services on bimmerfest.

That’s it for now, stay tunned for more articles these days, we have the Detroit Show starting next week as well, so we will have coverage from there as well. Remember, the BMW X6 will be unveiled there.