BMW 2 Series Design Cues For Refreshed 1 Series?

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In a pool of rumors circulating on the internet these days, there is one that we find plausible: the next generation BMW 1 Series will …


Will BMW Return To A V10 For Next BMW M5?

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A BMW insider says that the next generation BMW M5 will return to a V10 engine. Here is why we don’t think it will happen


2016 BMW 5 Series Rendered Again

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The next and seventh generation G30 BMW 5 Series will launch in 2016. Rendered here are the rear end of the G30 5 Series Sedan and the …


Will BMW build the i8 Spyder?

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When it first shown in 2012, the BMW i8 Spyder was considered to be even more elegant and attractive than the “standard i8″. At the …


Is this the new 2016 BMW 5 Series?

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According to sources, the rendering shown here resembles quite well the upcoming 2016 BMW 5 Series. While some of the design cues might be slightly …


How About A BMW i8 M Car?

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BMW has no plans to make an M version of its new hybrid sports car i8, but what would it look like IF…


2018 BMW X7 PHOTOSHOP – What Do You Think Of It?

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The 2018 BMW X7 is just a few years ago from its official launch. Announced earlier this spring, the new BMW X7 will come to market to …