BMW light charge 3 750x500

Future Mobility Solutions: Light and Charge

Interesting | January 5th, 2016 by Nico DeMattia

BMW isn’t just trying to make the experience of driving its electric cars better, but to make the experience of electric mobility better for everyone. …

BMW Connected The personalised digital assistant 11 750x500

BMW introduces BMW Connected – The personalized digital assistant

Auto Shows, Interesting | January 5th, 2016 by Horatiu Boeriu

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2016, the BMW Group is giving the first insight into the prototype for a personalized digital assistant to support individual …

FF CES Racecar 1440x1440 Exterior 03 Full 750x500

Here is the Faraday Future FFZERO1 Concept – 1000 horsepower

Interesting | January 4th, 2016 by Horatiu Boeriu

Faraday Future has unveiled the FFZero1 – a concept car that the California-based automaker promises will spearhead a complete revolution in the way that we …

mercedes e klasse 2016 detroit leak 10 750x500

Here is the new 2016 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Interesting | January 4th, 2016 by Horatiu Boeriu

Ahead of its Detroit Auto Show debut, the 2016 Mercedes-Benz E-Class leaks online. First images show a midsize sedan being a smaller replica of the …

s l1600 5 750x500

Is this near-perfect 1991 BMW 850i worth the money?

Interesting | January 3rd, 2016 by Nico DeMattia

BMW only made one generation of 8 Series Coupes, a fact that fans have bemoaned for quite some time, as the 8 Series represented the pinnacle of …

2015 bmw x6 images 80 750x500

BMW USA CEO says 40 percent of its 2016 U.S. sales to be crossovers

Interesting | January 2nd, 2016 by Horatiu Boeriu

BMW of North America’s CEO – Ludwig Willisch – says in 2016 forty percent of the BMW sales in the U.S. will be crossovers. BMW …

1600 Munich Opera house 01 750x500

2016 is 50 Years of the BMW 02

Interesting | January 1st, 2016 by Horatiu Boeriu

A big year with lots of celebrations is being planned with the main event in August. Other highlights this year are the return of the …

latest happy new year 2016 photos 750x500

Happy New Year, fellow BMW fans!

Interesting | December 31st, 2015 by Horatiu Boeriu

BMWBLOG team would like to wish you a Happy New Year and a prosperous 2016. We hope you will step into the new year with …

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How long can the BMW straight-six last?

Interesting | December 31st, 2015 by Nico DeMattia

BMW has a long standing tradition of making six-cylinder engines with their cylinders all in a line. The I6 engine was something that several automakers …

360 degree collision avoidance 04 750x500

BMW to show autonomous concept in 2016

Interesting | December 31st, 2015 by Horatiu Boeriu

With several new cars set to debut in 2016, it looks like it could be one of BMW’s biggest years in a long time. How …