BMW Group statement concerning current media reports condemning diesel

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Due to current media reports, the BMW Group considers it has become necessary to make its position regarding recent allegations clear. As a matter of …

Due to current media reports, the BMW Group considers it has become necessary to make its position regarding recent allegations clear.

As a matter of principle: BMW Group vehicles are not manipulated and comply with respective legal requirements. Of course this also applies to diesel vehicles. Confirmation of this is provided by the results of relevant official investigations at the national and international level.

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The BMW Group categorically rejects accusations that Euro 6 diesel vehicles sold by the company do not provide adequate exhaust gas treatment due to AdBlue tanks that are too small.

Technology employed by the BMW Group is clearly differentiated from other systems in the market. We compete to provide the best exhaust treatment systems: unlike other manufacturers, BMW Group diesel vehicles employ a combination of various components to treat exhaust emissions. Vehicles which use urea injection with AdBlue (SCR) to treat exhaust emissions also employ a NOx-storage catalytic converter. With this combination of technologies, we fulfil all legal emissions requirements and also achieve a very good real-life emissions performance. This means there is no need to recall or upgrade the software of BMW Group Euro 6 diesel passenger cars.

In addition, the combination of both systems, together with exhaust-gas recirculation, requires a lower level of AdBlue injection and leads to a very low AdBlue consumption in comparison to other manufacturers. This enables an optimized tank size while also achieving very low emissions in real-driving conditions. Furthermore, BMW Group diesel vehicles have a simple refill solution through the tank lid or engine hood, depending on the model. BMW Group customers are informed by the vehicle in good time and repeatedly concerning a low AdBlue fill level. If this is ignored, the vehicle eventually prevents operation.

From a BMW Group perspective, the objective of discussions with other manufacturers concerning AdBlue tanks was the installation of the required tanking infrastructure in Europe.

In addition, the BMW Group confirms its commitment to conduct a voluntary software upgrade of suitable Euro 5 diesel passenger cars at no cost to customers. This upgrade incorporates knowledge gained in the field over the last years to realize further improvements in emissions. We deem this to be a part of a comprehensive and joint plan of measures involving municipalities and the industry, to further improve inner-city air quality without across-the-board driving bans, within the context of the “Diesel Summit” on 2 August 2017.

8 responses to “BMW Group statement concerning current media reports condemning diesel”

  1. petey53 says:

    ADAC ecotests based on WLTP of Euro6 cars found the 318d, 320d and X1 sDrive18d all emit excessive NOx (114, 166 and 139 mg/km respectively). The 118d and 520d did pass.

    • JOŠ KO says:

      Exactly. You just forgot to say that these tests and their values were valid for BMW diesel engines with Euro5 standards tested for tests that allow the Euro6 margin. Furthermore, BMW wants to upgrade the new software update for free and allow its earlier customers the same or similar benefits as new BMW customers. Not a little, especially if we take into account the current situation in auto industry and abuse of competition. Correct relationship, every honor BMW! Just brave forward!

      • petey53 says:

        How much NOx reduction will the software update provide? I heard values like 9% or 20%. 50% is needed for the 320d.

        • JOŠ KO says:

          I really do not know those numbers (I’m not a BMW engineer) but every progress that is not obligatory and with it is free is more than welcome.

  2. Terry Cowan says:

    The original report is laughably suspect – based on evidence from a former VW employee? The company that actually committed fraud? BMW didn’t start building diesels till the ’80’s, and sold them also to Lincoln, so they committed global fraud? Also, they quadrupled their sales volume, eventually usurping Mercedes as #1 premium global brand, at the same time VW was pursuing the luxury market with Audi, Phaeton, Bentley and (almost) Rolls-Royce. So these fierce competitors & rivals were meeting secretly to conspire about urea tanks? BMW began turbocharging with diesel (after the 2002 Turbo), the tech. was effective enough it went to their gas engines as well. So they’ve sold millions of suspect units globally over decades without being caught? If such a premise were possible, isn’t the actual story about derelict gov’t. watchdogs? BMW have come clean about their wartime history, I don’t see a German engineering company looking to the future by skirting global standards. Are you going to tell me i isn’t electric?!

  3. Senne says:

    I hope this statement is correct, but I believe it is. There have been so many tests, if BMW would have cheated, they would have found out by now.

    If so, then BMW will be the only Premium (German) car manufacturer that didn’t cheat, since they recently found out Mercedes did it too.

    The free software upgrade for Euro 5 vehicles is a very nice gesture as well.

    Well done, BMW!

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