VIDEO: Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio laps ‘Ring in 7:32

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We’ve heard quite a lot, in recent months, about the new Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. It’s the car that brings back the rivalry between Alfa …

We’ve heard quite a lot, in recent months, about the new Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. It’s the car that brings back the rivalry between Alfa and BMW. The Giulia Quadrifoglio is a genuine BMW M3 competitor that should scare the pants off the folks in Munich. With its 503 hp 2.9 liter twin-turbocharged V6, the Quadrifoglio outpowers the M3. It’s also faster to 60 mph, when fitted with its ZF-sourced eight-speed automatic. And, it strikes more on the emotional level, thanks to its stunning good looks and Alfa character. But now, the newest Alfa has another bragging right over the M3 — its Nurburgring lap time.

The fastest BMW M3 to go around the ‘Ring was actually a BMW M4, doing the deed in 7:52. While that’s an impressive time, and a full 13 seconds faster than its predecessor’s, it’s not enough to beat the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio’s. The Italian was able to run the ‘Ring, with its automatic gearbox, in an astonishing 7:32.

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That makes it the fastest sedan on sale to lap the famous Green Hell. It beat out the new Porsche Panamera Turbo S by eight seconds. That’s simply mad. Especially so, considering that it’s a four-door sedan with a decent trunk and comfortable suspension. It’s a car you can take your kids to school in quietly and comfortably. Hell, it even has a regular ole automatic gearbox, so it’s nice and easy to drive. But if you feel like embarrassing supercars on the weekends, to needn’t switch cars. Insanity.

Alfa has even been so kind as to document this impressive achievement. The driver of the Alfa during this blistering lap was Fabio Francia and he should be awarded for his bravery, because this does not look easy. In fact, it looks downright terrifying at times. While the Alfa is a damn fast car, it’s still a sedan with relatively soft suspension. So over some of the nastier parts of the Nurburgring, it seems to get a bit sketchy. Francia deserves some sort of award for keeping his resolve in those moments. Oh, and in the video you get to hear that Ferrari-fettled V6, which is magnificent.

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With the Competition Package, I love the M3/M4. It’s a fantastic all-around sports car package. However, I’m not so sure it can manage to keep up with the Alfa Giulia Quadrigoflio, as the latter car is not only faster ’round a track, but it’s also better looking, sounds better and is more exciting. Aside from the frightening reliability concerns from Alfa, it’s going to be tough to not fall victim to its charms, as a buyer. Especially after seeing this video.

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27 responses to “VIDEO: Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio laps ‘Ring in 7:32”

  1. Kaisuke971 says:

    This car seems way faster than the ones given to the journalists, and also stiffer and grippier, like it’s not even the same version. I’d like to see an actual head to head vs the M3 CP and the C63 S sedan first, then i’ll believe if the level of performance matches.

    • Ceramic Rabbit says:

      I think there is at least 7 seconds on the table in a hot Norschleife lap. It’s such a huge track with a lot of tricky stuff, having more than one try would make a huge difference.

      • Kaisuke971 says:

        I don’t think you quite understand what 7 seconds off a lap time they perfected for months means. There was definitely not 7 seconds of improvement on the first record lap, they’re all made on the absolute limit.

        It’s not Forza.

        • Tomaz Hilton says:

          its been over 6 Mths since the last Lap Record and that was with a Manual in Pre-Production form.

          • Ceramic Rabbit says:

            also it’s completely possible just to do a better lap and drop 7 seconds, you can lose a second or two in a single corner and the nordschleife has 170. Sabine dropped almost 20 seconds from first lap to last when she did it in the transit van.

          • Kaisuke971 says:

            Except when they do these laps, they don’t just do one lap, but dozens. The Giulia QV has seen intense testing, they have made sure to get the best out of it.

            Dropping 7 Seconds just because of a transmission ? It does make the car easier to drive, but also heavier. 7 seconds is more than the difference between M4 and M2, and they have 70hp of difference (same weight).

          • StupidZombie says:

            Why are you such a zealous German car fanboy? You lose all credibility and sound so ridiculous.

            Well, typical BMW fan, very ignorant and arrogant.

          • Radek Rutkowski says:

            Dude, this guy drives in a T-shirt and jeans. No rollcage, probably OEM tyres (listen to squeaking in the corners), unlike the Panamera, where they put a guy in racing suit, rollcage, I guess some parts went out of the car to reduce the weight…
            This is a 4-door Ferrari, get over it :).

    • Karl Kirsche says:

      This Alfa Romeo is head and shoulders above any bmw, my friend. So just live with it. bmw isn’t the best at anything, so it’s just a mediocre brand.

    • Radek Rutkowski says:

      You’re joking, right?

  2. loukas135 says:

    Better looking !!! Are you serious ??? Have you seen the front of the car ??? No way this is better looking than a M3 / M4 sorry. Taste is a matter of preference. Also, I agree with Kaisuke971, Chris Harris and other journalists have driven versions of this car which weren’t close at all to the level of performance this particular car is delivering. Could be an “in house” version adapted for this track. Yes it’s Italian, yes it’s sounds great and it’s different from German sedans but I’m still an ” M ” fan and would not buy an Alfa instead of an M3 / M4.

    • Bob says:

      And I think that’s great. That’s what this all comes down to at the end of the day. Rivalry. What a boring world it would be if the only definition of performance was ///M and being a former ///M lover myself, I cannot fault you for your choice as a fan.

      That said, this is different true, and as you said, taste is a matter of preference and I think the Alfa is a better bag of beauty than the M3/M4. Not to say the M3/M4 pair are ugly, no sir, but I feel the Alfa is better-looking than the M3/M4, maybe not the C63 though but preference.

      I think, from a comparo perspective, we can only wait for a genuine comparison to finally come out. The M4 punches above what the numbers tell you so it should be exciting. A lovely rivalry.

    • Radek Rutkowski says:

      Well, it goes the other way round – I wouldn’t buy a German car and it’s fine :).

  3. loukas135 says:

    I hear you Bob. I’m just biaised somehow I think. The kidney grill does that to me. Angel ring, M sport line, etc … I’m a big BMW fan. I can appreciate the Alfa “effort” but the front fascia is too much for my taste. The quad exhaust doesn’t add anything the ” M ” cars doesn’t already have … I just can’t stand bmwblog writer affirmation than the Alfa is the best looking car here as if his taste was the “benchmark” of design … Just like you I’m glad there is Giulia, Jaguar XE, RS5, C63 to look at and drive … But my heart is with BMW. Have a nice day :-)

  4. bmw driver says:

    This is not a stock car. There is zero body roll, exhaust is significantly louder that stock cars I’ve seen tested and you can see how the driver is bouncing up and down over even the slightest bumps, indicating a very aggressive suspension set up. There is no way this is a stock car. How can anyone believe that a stock, 4 door, RWD sedan is as fast as a 991 GT3? Complete BS, the only question here is how do Alfa think they’ll get away with this. No independent tester will get anywhere near this time in a stock car, though that didn’t seem to hurt R35 GTR sales, so who knows?

    • James Parter says:

      You’re a naive dreamer, my friend. Alfa Romeo just slapped the entire bmw history. It could create a car with a single wave, while bmw has tried to hone its pathetic m3, m5 for decades and still didn’t succeed in that. So just live with the fact that bmw is just a mediocre brand which isn’t the best at anything.

    • Max says:

      Agree! Was thinking the same thing, definitely not stock!
      We will have to wait for “real” tests/comparisons with press cars and objective drivers to see what this time is worth.

    • Radek Rutkowski says:

      Why does it hurt so much? You won’t be driving your car even 50% like that, so your BMW is still fine :).

  5. James Parter says:

    Alfa Romeo is faster than any bmw… Ha-ha-ha. Eat shit, pathetic bmw. bmw is simply too miserable to consider. M4 is a competitor to this Alfa Romeo? Who thinks this way is at least a dreamer. bmw is the only useless brand in the world. I mean bmw created m3, m5 and other suchlike crap and tried to hone them duriong decades, but Alfa Romeo just created one single performance car which is beyond bmw’s reach. That’s a clear evidence to the fact that bmw is a primitive brand.

  6. getoffme says:

    Ugly car.

  7. Kiril Toshev says:

    As a BMW fan I am so pleased that they are more and more RWD, 50/50 weight distribution, manual transmition cars. Nevertheless if the car is stock or not, a very very good job is done by Alfa Romeo with this car. The only disappointment for me is that Gulia is more expensive than the M4 :(

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