Mercedes ahead of BMW in August sales in the U.S.

News | September 2nd, 2016 by 17
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BMW’s sales fell 8.0 percent in August to 25,531. For the year, sales have fallen 8.3 percent to 204,744 units. Mercedes had a 3.0 percent …

BMW’s sales fell 8.0 percent in August to 25,531. For the year, sales have fallen 8.3 percent to 204,744 units. Mercedes had a 3.0 percent sales increase last month to 31,556. For the year they were up 1.3 percent to 241,890. BMW received gains from the 7 Series plus X1 and X3 premium sport utilities, while Mercedes added to their bottom line thanks to the E-Class/CLS, SL-Class, and strength from the GLC and GLS sport utilities.

Audi of America reported that its August U.S. sales rose 2.5 percent to 19,264 vehicles, beating its previous record for the month of 18,794 last year. Audi celebrated its second-best sales month in the United States with gains from the A4 and premium Q7 and Q3 crossover SUVs.

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Lexus (+7.6 percent) had another down month and sold 30,938 new vehicles, even with real strength on the SUV side from the NX, GX, and LX.

Volvo Car Group reported U.S. sales of 7,682 vehicles last month, a 30.9% increase compared with August 2015. Year-to-date sales are up 29.5%, the Chinese-owned Swedish manufacturer said. Volvo’s sales were driven by its XC90 luxury SUV and the XC60.

Sales for Jaguar Land Rover soared 46 percent to 9,329 units in August for the two brands owned by India’s Tata Group, with momentum from the new Jaguar F-Pace.

Porsche announced August 2016 retail sales of 5,181 vehicles. This 3.5 percent increase compared to August 2015 marks the second best sales month in company history. Year-to-date retail sales stand at 35,767 vehicles, up 2.6 percent from the previous year.

17 responses to “Mercedes ahead of BMW in August sales in the U.S.”

  1. Marco di Vayo says:

    Mercedes is always ahead of bmw, stupid bmw fans. So shut up, losers!

  2. Mihai says:

    Scary part is when you compare with numbers from August 2008:

    BMW – 25,462 now 25,531 – basically flat
    MERC – 18,507 now 31,556 – up 70%
    AUDI – 6,406 now 19,264 – up 300%
    BMW needs another ‘Bangle butt’, and fast!!!

    • Jonathan Oshea says:

      Finally customers have realized that bmw is the only useless brand in the world. W’re so glad. And this year Mercedes will retake the sales champ crown from idiotic bmw, and the justice will prevail. We’ll continue to open your eyes, bewildered customers, so that You won’t waste Your valuable time and money on that rubbish brand called bmw.

      • P. Fonda says:

        Yes, our hard work here and other forums finally yields positive results. I just hope that bmw will get bankrupt soon, and we won’t see those idiotic cars in the streets anymore.

    • Marco di Vayo says:

      It won’t help pathetic bmw. Mercedes is head and shoulders above bmw in everything, so just live with it.

      • guest says:

        As BMW have been #1 premium brand most of this century, I guess you guys can’t leave your houses for fear of seeing another one, thus you have so much time to type. #bmwagoraphobia. Seek help!

        • Jonathan Oshea says:

          bmw is #1 loser premium brand now, since customers have finally realized that so far they’ve been paying lots of money for an absolute crap like 3, 5, 7 and other idiotic series. So the justice prevails once again, i.e. Mercedes-Benz is at the top of the premium market. So go hang yourself, faggot.

    • guest says:

      Or, they just need to follow Mercedes down market for volume, which thus far they have been reluctant to do, supposedly the new 1 Series sedan is for China only. Since the brand is still worth more than M-B (2nd only to Toyota, despite being a much smaller co.) & are doing record global sales for their centennial, don’t think they have much to worry about. BMW have invested in electric & hybrid, Mercedes fwd. ICE compacts, when oil goes back up their market positions should again reverse, particularly if M-B’s electric pants are still around their ankles. Let’s hope they don’t have to bend over too much!

  3. curamrda says:

    that was expected…since they have better designs now :( … I really hope new 5er and 4er will change it..

  4. StupidZombie says:

    BMW lost it, just like Apple will lose it.

    • Lucillebclingerman says:

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    • Marco di Vayo says:

      Of course. Who would want to drive a car (bmw) which is only for gays and idiots?

  5. VFRider says:

    Expected as BMW has alienated their core principals and turned the M brand into just another marketing tool for increasing profits.

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