New F60 MINI Countryman: Last spy photos before LA debut

MINI | August 23rd, 2016 by 5
2017 MINI Countryman F60 SUV Erlkoenig Phocarmedia 01 750x500

Hailing from Spain today are a set of new spy photos showing the F60 MINI Countryman with minimal camouflage.

In a few weeks, the new F60 MINI Countryman will celebrate its official world premiere on American soil at the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show. The North American car show was the chosen venue considering it’s the largest market for the Countryman SUV. Hailing from Spain today are a set of new spy photos showing the F60 Countryman with minimal camouflage.

As reported several times before, the BMW UKL architecture serves as the technical basis for the new MINI Countryman. After the small core models – the hatch, five-door, convertible and the compact class offshoot Clubman – the entire range of MINI models would be converted to the front-wheel drive platform.

2017 MINI Countryman F60 SUV Erlkoenig Phocarmedia 04 750x500

Just like the Clubman, the F60 MINI Countryman uses the slightly larger architecture, internally named UKL2, which is also suitable for the integration of a four-wheel drive. With the help of a Haldex clutch, the power can be routed to the rear wheels delivering additional traction.

The transversely mounted engines are from the new family of BMW engines with the three-cylinder variants – B37 and B38, and the four-cylinder B47 and B48. Also, the British marque has decided on a plug-in hybrid MINI Countryman E, which will complement the program only a few months after the launch.

2017 MINI Countryman F60 SUV Erlkoenig Phocarmedia 02 750x501
2017-MINI-Countryman-F60-SUV-Erlkoenig-Phocarmedia-03 2017-MINI-Countryman-F60-SUV-Erlkoenig-Phocarmedia-04

Inside, the new 2017 MINI Countryman is not only more spacious, but the materials will meet higher demands and underline the premium status of the Englishman.

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5 responses to “New F60 MINI Countryman: Last spy photos before LA debut”

  1. darex says:

    Ugh! Enough with the English-this, and English-that. This car is not British, even a little bit. It’s not even made in the UK!

    Give it a rest already, Horatiu

    • Horatiu B. says:

      I’m pretty sure the main plant is in the UK and the countryman is the only car made somewhere else. I was at the Oxford plant recently and MINI is as British as it can get.

      • darex says:

        Nope. MINIs are made in The Netherlands and Austria too. How British can it be, when it’s designed by and uses parts, chassis and engines all made by BMW? The Robots are located in the UK, but it’s no more British than Honda is American, or Ford is Mexican. You know that!

        • Horatiu B. says:

          So they have no plant in Oxford? Am I dreaming it? They have more than just robots in Oxford.

          • darex says:

            They do, of course, but a full 50% of F56 are now made in the Netherlands, the Countryman in Austria, and I think the F54 Clubman too. Has not been exclusively made in the UK for a few years.

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