New battery will increase BMW i3’s range

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Earlier this month, BMW CEO Harald Krueger confirmed that the Bavarians are working on an updated battery pack for the BMW i3 electric vehicle. Krueger …

Earlier this month, BMW CEO Harald Krueger confirmed that the Bavarians are working on an updated battery pack for the BMW i3 electric vehicle. Krueger refrained from commenting on the new driving range and battery replacement plans, but now a report from the UK comes to shed some potential light on the news.

According to Autocark, the new i3 is rumored to take advantage of an “optimised driveline” that draws on battery efficiency gains developed since its launch in 2013. The report mentions that the new battery pack will feature the same 22kWh (18.7kWh usable) capacity but with a higher power density. If that’s technologically possible, we’ll let the engineers on here chime in.

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The revamped i3 is allegedly moving its driving range close to 124 miles, which if indeed true, it’s an impressive gain over the current EPA-rated 81 miles. The battery will be used in both the BEV – full electric i3 – and the REx – range extender.

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The new battery is also rumored to be available as a retro-fit option for existing i3s.

[Source: Autocar]

11 responses to “New battery will increase BMW i3’s range”

  1. mckillio says:

    This is huge news if true. I’m curious as to the price difference between the two packs, if they can keep the cost relatively the same sales should greatly increase. I also wonder if they’ll use it for the i8, it would certainly make sense.

  2. Chris Llana says:

    Increased power density would enable the i3 to accelerate faster, but not go farther, assuming the drive-train efficiency remains the same. State-of-the-art Li-ion batteries have significantly improved energy density over the batteries the i3 is now using. If the new battery weight remains the same, it should have a significantly improved capacity, which would give significantly greater range. If the new capacity is indeed the same as the i3 has now (22 kWh, about 18.8 usable), then the battery weight should be significantly less, which by itself would give better performance and range. I suspect they will keep the battery weight the same and channel the benefits of the better battery chemistry into greater capacity. I guess we’ll have to wait to find out, but I also assume BMW will not want to release that information until shortly before the refresh, or else people will stop buying the current i3 and wait for the refreshed/improved version.

  3. recursiveiterator says:

    Somewhere along the way this guy managed to lose whatever little physics knowledge he got in his outback high school.

    2017 i3 gets a 94Ah battery instead of the current 60Ah. To get the kWh number, multiply by 355V. It’s that simple.

  4. Alberto Zobbio says:

    Which distance will the i3 be able to reach in Km ?

  5. Chris Llana says:

    For a 124 mile range, the i3 BEV would need a battery with around 32-33 kWh energy capacity (about 28 kWh usable). That translates to a more than 50% increase in energy density over the current battery (assuming the same pack weight), which is possible (maybe not probable), given that the current i3’s battery has a relatively low energy density (around half that of Tesla’s batteries). In any case, it is certain the new batteries are already being tested long-term in a bunch of i3s (no camouflage required), perhaps even by an i3 beta tester you might know.

    My speculative guess is the improved EPA range will come in between 100 and 110 miles.

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