For $250 you can have the high-tech BMW keyfob

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At the media launch of the new 2016 BMW 7 Series, we had the opportunity to play around with BMW’s latest and greatest keyfob. Dubbed …

At the media launch of the new 2016 BMW 7 Series, we had the opportunity to play around with BMW’s latest and greatest keyfob. Dubbed BMW Display Key, the touch-sensitive key is an optional item for the new 7 Series and in the U.S., it only costs $250. For that little amount – which is cheaper than many other BMW keyfob replacements – they key features four buttons on the front for lock, unlock, trunk release, and panic.

In the center of the key is a full color touchscreen where you can swipe back and forth between different functions, i.e. door locking status, toggle lights, fuel range and climate control scheduling. In Europe, the BMW Digital Key can be used to self-park your 7 Series, a feature that has yet to be approved by the U.S. regulatory boards.

2016 bmw 7 series launch new york images 1900x 1200 52 750x500

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BMW says the key’s battery has about a week long life and can be recharged wirelessly in the car’s armrest. You can still use the key to unlock the car even if the touchscreen is not functional.

It’s amazing what BMW has been able to achieve with what we always thought was just a basic tool and we expect future generation keyfobs to get even smarter.

11 responses to “For $250 you can have the high-tech BMW keyfob”

  1. kylecronin says:

    In a few years I expect the functions of the fob to work their way into smartphones and smartwatches. Your car will come with a fob, but you’ll probably put it in a drawer for emergencies and use an app instead.

    • Hidefvi says:

      I had the same exact thought. Maybe fingerprint tech? I won’t even consider a car that needs to have a key put into a slot. So inconvenient.

    • Kaisuke971 says:

      Not a good idea, even better gate for thieves and hackers. Safety is one of the reasons lethal weapons are not operated by poorly protected devices.

      • kylecronin says:

        I see no reason why a smartwatch or smartphone, with the appropriate hardware and software, would be less secure than a key fob. In fact, it could be more secure. Someone can steal my wallet and use my cash and cards, or steal my fob and drive my car, but if someone steals my Apple Watch they’ll need to enter the PIN before it can be used.

      • Max says:

        First I thought the same, but like Kyle replied, if a hacker wants to hack it, he will do it anyway whether it is a key gob or an app on a phone/watch. Therefor I would also prefer to have an app for everything what the key can do (and a phone with looooong battery life :D) But as long as we have NHTSA they will always say our safety is in danger…

        • Kaisuke971 says:

          The Key is basically only connected to the car and maybe some BMW services but i’m not sure. Of course, these will be protected better than your bank account…
          The phone however is connected to a large variety of social medias and apps, and we know how good of a gate they are for hackers (it already worker with Jeep’s connected infotainment system), and on some Tesla MS as well.
          And for the wallet thing well just kill yourself and the problem will be solved, because you won’t need to drive anyway… Come on dude. Or he can just wait for you besides the car so whatever entry system you have the gun just asks you ? Come on dude we were being serious…

  2. Crux says:

    Replacement key fob for all BMW models? Starting from what year? Seems kinda gigantic but looks to cool to pass up if you need a replacement.

  3. jason bourne says:


    I don’t even want the key fob I currently have. A plain, regular metal key would be fine by me.

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