Five Reasons Why BMWs Aren’t Overrated

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Certainly there are more than a few people who think BMWs are overrated. And you can also add overpriced. Many believe paying premium prices for …

Certainly there are more than a few people who think BMWs are overrated. And you can also add overpriced. Many believe paying premium prices for a sports car might not be warranted and they often settle on paying less for a car they believe it matches a BMW in certain areas. On the other hand, anyone who had experience with BMW cars will laugh at the mere idea that bimmers are overrated, especially if you look at like design, comfort, performance and safety.

I’ve heard several people make similar statements but rarely they dig deeper into the issue. Owners of cars like a Honda, Citroen, Opel, Peugeot or Volvo often make similar statements, yet no one can really judge them. Heated debates can often be started so based on our experience over the years we’ve put together five reasons (hopefully unbiased) why BMW cars are not overrated.

1. Performance

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When performance comes into play, BMW has a lot to offer. Even the smallest engine models, combined with the entry-level trim, provide some excellent performance numbers. These performance BMWs include excellent weight distribution, rear wheel drive setup (excluding the newest 2 Series Active Tourer models and new X1) and great handling. For what it’s worth, BMW was always been synonymous for excellent driving dynamics, pretty much unsurpassed by most of its competitors.

In a nutshell, you can have fun in a BMW 118i as much as you can in higher powered models. Even though the more expensive M cars come with better suspension and better braking performance, they still have the same core values of a driver’s car – something that is instilled in every model throughout the range. Overall, even the most simple and fuel-efficient models have a sub 10 second times from 0-62mph (0-100km/h).

2. Design

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“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” A phrase often used yet representative of what most of us feel. Over the decades, BMW has stayed true to the classy design combined with sporty accents that give them a unique look. The unmistakable aggressiveness is combined with appealing modern lines and premium materials, all resulting in a car loved by equally by executives and families. Even the controversial 1 Series Hatchback is now a looker, a testament to BMW’s power to acknowledge a design that might have fallen short of expectations.

In a nutshell, BMW’s design language can be described by these four things: aggressiveness, class, luxury and performance.

3. Interior


While Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen may have more flashy interiors, BMW remains true to the form meets function philosophy throughout their entire cabin. The driver oriented dashboard, the sleek lines and simplicity run throughout the interior, while the use of premium materials combined with top-notch craftsmanship and quality, give any BMW a special look and feel, unique in the premium segment and often misunderstood.

4. Driving Dynamics


BMW coined the slogan “The Ultimate Driving Machine” and with small exceptions, BMWs have lived up to the renowned branding. Often people says that you don’t buy a BMW if you don’t intend to drive it like you stole it, and as catchy and cheesy as this sounds, the phrase is often heard within the BMW community.

The combination of a rear-wheel drive – in most models – with near perfect 50:50 weight distribution, make BMWs one of the most fun machines available on the market. This can be experienced from the 1 Series all the way to the 7 Series, and even in their premium SUVs with all-wheel drive and a slight rear bias.

5. Safety


When it comes to safety, BMW has done a lot of improvements over the years. The new BMW models are amongst the highest safety rated vehicles in the world and safety is at the core of every model. For example, the new BMW F30 3 Series received an NHTS rating of five stars overall, making it one of the safest sedans money can buy right now. Overall, BMW’s focus for safety has been and will always be embedded in their DNA and every new model that comes out packs more safety features and crash-resistant technology than ever before.

12 responses to “Five Reasons Why BMWs Aren’t Overrated”

  1. Reino-five-five-oh says:

    Don’t forget convenience. Automatic climate control, auto sensing wipers, auto headlights, auto dimming mirror, stereo volume by speed, one touch phone calls, heads up display. On other cars, manual operation of these things would occupy your hands and attention. On a BMW, these things are taken care of, so 100% of your focus can be on DRIVING.

    • Vanja Kljaic says:

      This is where I agree entirely there. Eally, a good point and we will discuss this once again.

    • Locke42 says:

      I’m pretty sure all of these are taken care of in any upscale car.

      • Reino-five-five-oh says:

        True, but BMW tends to be the one that innovates, and then the tech trickles down to the other luxury makes.

        • Locke42 says:

          Honestly, I’ve always perceived BMW to be the more driver-focused brand, Mercedes the more luxury-focused brand, and Audi the more tech-focused brand.

          Like, individual cars belonging to each brand might focus on other qualities (e.g. BMW has the i3 and i8, which are the most advanced cars made by the Germans, while Audi has the R8, which is the only rear-engine sports car among the Germans), but in terms of their overall lineup, if you’re getting a BMW you expect sportiness, if you’re getting an Audi you expect advanced technology, and if you’re getting a Benz you expect a luxurious experience. So I don’t necessarily expect a lot of tech in BMWs compared to the other luxury makes. Like, BMW has no self-driving tech at all (just basic adaptive cruise control), whereas next year even the Audi A4 will be able to drive for you in low-speed traffic.

  2. Locke42 says:

    Please, BMW, put adaptive cruise control on the 2-series in the next three years. It’s the only feature I really want in a car.

  3. max4rce says:

    stuff i had in my 94 3 series i’m just seeing in car commercials for hyundai and kia.

    • Reino-five-five-oh says:

      Yep. My wife’s 2013 4Runner has just half the tech in my 2006 5-series.

      • Matterafact says:

        Ohh you leave that Toyota card alone.
        a 4 runner is by no means a luxury SUV so it is quite obvious a mid tier luxury car from the mid 2000s will be more luxurious. i Bet your 5 series cannot off-road like the 4 runner can. Get my Point? Those two vehicles are apples and oranges.
        Toyota has reliability and engine technology that BMW than only dream of.( the Toyota supra in 1993 used a sequential twin turbo system. BMW started using a sequential turbo system in 2012 with their n55 line.
        Toyota has been using dual injection in their engines via D4 since 2002, BMW only started using dual injection via dual vanos in 2006.

        What BMW does is that BMW makes excellent world class chassis.

        It so happens that they Toyota and BMW are making a car together, the mk5 Supra, which will share a chassis with the new BMW z4 and use a Toyota drive-train.
        It will be one hell of a car.

        • Reino-five-five-oh says:

          Whoah guy, take it easy. We’re talking in-cabin tech, not off-roading or power trains. We all agree that ten year old Bimmers have tech that still hasn’t appeared in basic brands yet. I only used Toyota as an example BECAUSE ITS THE OTHER CAR I OWN.

          • Matterafact says:

            You are comparing a non luxury suv to a luxury sedan,two absolutely different vehicles,
            I can string a list of things the suv can do that the luxury sedan can’t as they are in completely different segments. You are making no sense in comparing luxury features of a 2006 BMW luxury sedan to an offroader/people carrier non luxury utilitarian suv,
            plain and simple, if you cannot see that then that is truly sad
            Also In terms of cabin tech Mercedes are the pioneers.

          • Reino-five-five-oh says:

            Dude go back to the original post by Max4acre. We’re simply talking about how the features in luxury cars like BMW take over a decade to trickle down to the base brands like Hyundai (his example) or Toyota (my example). This solidifies the original article about reasons BMWs aren’t overrated. You can substitute Mercedes if that’s your fancy, but this is a BMW blog.

            I am honored that a 14-word statement I made in response to Max4acre–based on the only other vehicle I own–elicited such a long and passionate rant. You’re getting way too hung up on comparing the type/class of vehicle. That is irrelevant. I am certain that brand-standard tech like Bluetooth calling and backup sensors on the 4Runner are the same as on the Camry.

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