2017 BMW 5 Series with augmented reality and autonomous driving

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The 2017 BMW 5 Series will have a Head Up Display system with augmented reality and it will also move up to 80 km/h completely …

The 2017 BMW 5 Series will have a Head Up Display system with augmented reality and it will also move up to 80 km/h completely autonomously, thanks to the development of a new assistance systems.

If the BMW 7 Series is now the technological standard of the brand, the new G30 5 Series surprisingly will be even more high-tech. Among the equipment offered for the new 5er will be an adaptive air suspension with dynamic driving conditions which will also be able to recognize bumps in the road even at night.

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New full LED headlights will be made available, while laser lights will also be offered as an option.

Inside the cabin, the G30 5 Series gets a new iDrive screen with touch and gesture controls.

The future BMW 5 Series will also debut a new infotainment system, and will be the first model, once again, in having an Apple Carplay and Android Auto system to ensure seamless connectivity and access to all major functions of a smartphone.

Augmented Reality

If BMW was the first manufacturer to launch the Head-Up Display, it will also be the first to apply augmented reality to this system. It will be available from the second half of 2017 in combination with the “Business Professional” browser.

Combine the Head-Up Display with an augmented reality browser and the system can offer multiple functions, not just a great driving experience.

The new system will display data on the windshield before approaching a point of our route, the distance to the vehicle ahead, cross roads and points with low visibility, objects and people that are on the road or in blind spots, information direction of a curve, and others. All in real time.

Autonomous Driving

Sources say that BMW is working on a new assistance system developed for autonomous driving system that will work up to a maximum 80 km/h and have a change assistant Lane autonomous function and self parking.

The touring and sedan version will be presented together in December 2016.

[Source: motor.es]

4 responses to “2017 BMW 5 Series with augmented reality and autonomous driving”

  1. al7oot says:

    What else left for the new 7er?? I believe all the mentioned features MUST be in the new 7er since its competitor is the S Class.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      The G30 is a newer development so it’s normal to have other advanced features

      • Max says:

        Merc does the same with the new E-Class actually. You can also put in these features in the LCI 7er then. Often the governments are slower than the manufacturers so there is no real need to hurry. Laserlight or RCP in the US are the best examples.

  2. FilipMPower says:

    Autonomous driving will probably not be featured, and augmented reality won’t either. The HUD might increase in size but it definitely won’t adapt to the street in front of you, I think that the technology simply isn’t advanced enough. And for the Autonomous driving, I don’t think it will be allowed, due to government restrictions. But I hope the car wont look like the render, as it would simply look like the g11, contrary to BMW aim to further differentiate the models under the CLAR.

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