If You Were Given A Choice, What BMW M3 Would You Want?

BMW M3, Models | February 18th, 2015 by 49
bmw m3 family 44 750x500

One of the question we often get is what BMW M3 would you own if money was no object? Within our team, some answers range …

One of the question we often get is what BMW M3 would you own if money was no object? Within our team, some answers range from the all new and shinny M3/M4 to the old school and iconic E30 M3. Reasons to choose one over another vary from price and performance to heritage and engine sound and the cool factor, but bottom line is that everyone has a preference when it comes to the M3 of their dreams.

There are several key elements that each generation brings to the table, and all of them either revolutionized or improved upon previous generations. While some people might simply say the BMW F80 M3 scores best in all these categories, truth is that in BMW fans’ eyes there are other M3s that are just as good or better.

bmw m3 family 45 750x499

When it comes to engines, the choices are even tougher. Some of us love the naturally-aspirated engine of the V8 E92 M3, while others will go for the inline-four of the E30 M3, a small yet potent and loud engine.

bmw m3 family 48 750x499

On the other hand, there’s a lot of nostalgia around the E36 M3 interior, a beautifully crafted and driver-oriented cabin that many still love to this date.

So with all these criteria laid out before you, we’re turning the selection process to you: What BMW M3 would you own today?

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49 responses to “If You Were Given A Choice, What BMW M3 Would You Want?”

  1. Dario Vedriš says:

    E30 no contest.

    • Vanja Kljaic says:

      What are you basing this choice upon? Would love to hear your ideas behind this.

      • Dario Vedriš says:

        Well, it rather simple. E30 M3 was a car that made me fall in love with BMW cars.

        Feelings aside, i recognize that car for being most “purist” choice from whole line of M3´s so far, The car is simple, lightweight, nimble, has enough punch from its engine and it has that special looks that will never get old. I had E30 318i in the past and i still love that car more than any other new car that I driven. It gave me that feeling of being connected to the machine, not interrupted with all those modern gizmos we have today.
        All in all, E30 M3 my dream BMW car and i would be very very lucky to get a chance of owning one someday.

        • Vanja Kljaic says:

          Damn, that’s a whole lot of awesome facts why to choose that particular model really. I always liked how it was derived from the race track and had that interesting aspect of it in reality. It wasn’t something that marketing or financial department had a big impact with at all, it’s what makes it such a great vehicle as well.

  2. Shawn Sepehry says:

    Tough call. I think I’d say E46 manual. Silvery grey with Imola red interior.

  3. CREAMTEAM says:

    F80.. cuz then you can sell it and get an e92 e46 and e36

  4. Julien says:

    Phoenix yellow E46 cab please !

  5. Dex says:

    e30 or e46. e30 is just calssic, next in line was just ugly (whats with the bent skirts???) and the e46? That was just the pinnacle of the evolution. Who wants a V8 in a BMW??? Come on…

  6. Tony says:

    Black edition e92 for me

  7. Sabin says:

    The one with the naturally aspired V8. That’s gotta be sheer driving pleasure

  8. Dux Mea Lux says:

    E46 M3 Alpine White to be exact just like mine.

  9. IceDree says:

    Hard to say, not an M3 fan … I suppose I’ll go with a Pure Metal Silver F80 with M Performance accessories (like the orange one in the video) & M6 Gran Coupe rims.

  10. him says:

    e92 competition package

  11. Jimib says:

    E92 w/Supercharger!

  12. M3OW says:

    e46 M3, White with black interior, manual. But i am biased cuz I own one :), The best inline six bmw ever made period.

  13. Stephen Garrett says:

    E90 M3 CRT. No contest.

  14. Francisca Radu says:

    M3 E92

  15. TangoUrilla says:

    The newest, and I’d get the coupe, did in fact.

  16. John Grady says:

    BMW M3 GTS. The race-oriented M3 with a naturally aspirated V8. Plus it looks absolutely awesome in its orange paintjob.

  17. jason bourne says:

    E30 M3, Roberto Ravaglia Edition.

  18. John says:

    E92 M3 GTS of course!

  19. RuelSpot says:

    On any given Sunday, I would take the latest and the greatest, the BMW M3 F80 high performance sports car. This model embodies the previous four generation of M3. BMW M Performance every day!!!!

  20. ... says:

    definitely the E36

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