BMW 1M – Still One Of The Best Bimmers Ever

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Three years later, many new BMWs on the road, and way more expensive, yet, the BMW 1M remains a head turner. And not necessarily thanks …

Three years later, many new BMWs on the road, and way more expensive, yet, the BMW 1M remains a head turner. And not necessarily thanks to the weirdish paint job you see below, or the multitude of mods applied to it, but rather because of its stance and power on the road.

Even before it launched in 2011, BMW 1M was sold out at most dealerships across the country. And in places where units were still available, outrageous MSPRs were being thrown around, north of $10,000 over the normal price in some cases.

Then it launched and the car lived up to its hype, lots of hype we might add, fueled by a genius marketing campaign in Europe and North America.

BMW 1M   Still One Of The Best Bimmers Ever

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The 1M seen in these photos was spotted near Nurburgring and based on what we see, it has been tuned up quite a bit. The Valencia Orange paint is out the door and Fire Orange is in. A carbon fiber roof (or maybe just a vinyl) rounds up the color combination. Black wheels, M3-like carbon fiber hood, front lip and rear wing, just show this car means business.

BMW was originally going to release the 1M as a limited production model of 2,700 units. Then due to overwhelming demand, the company lifted the cap and produced a total of 6309 cars until production ended in June 2012. Nevertheless, production of the 1M Coup stopped in June 2012, with 740 units sold in the US and a further 220 sold in Canada. Total 6309 cars sold worldwide.

BMW 1M   Still One Of The Best Bimmers Ever

Last month, Autoblog tracked down about 20 cars currently on sale and found an average asking price of $61,670 with an average mileage of about 11,600. That’s more than $15,500 over the MSRP when new, or an appreciation of around $5k per year.

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The cheapest 1M they found was priced at $55,500 with 14,000 miles. At the high-end we have an 1M Coupe priced at $65,991 with just 8,800 miles. The Black Book also shows the 1M valued at $60,000 for an “Extra Clean” car.

Without a doubt, the 1M will go down in the BMW history as one of the greatest models ever built, and also with certainty it will end up on a list of very rare vehicles twenty years from now.

[Photos: Autogespot]

  • jason bourne

    That orange 1M would be a real head turner if it weren’t for that hideous black hood and roof.

  • Eddmund

    The 1M is a cool car….but the reality is that 1Ms are sitting around unsold on dealer lots for a loooooong time…..the only reason prices are high is because dealers are gouging them. The reality is that they aren’t selling…..and the prices have steadily been going down for the past several months. The M2 rumours have people VERY excited for a car that will be much more available and exciting than the 1M—-so expect to see those 1M prices fall much more in the next 1 year.

    I used to be interested in getting one….but with the F82 M4 looking spectacular and the M2 spy shots out….there’s no need to really consider the 1M anymore.

    • Horatiu B.

      You might be right and I did see some used ones in dealers, still priced high.

      And yes, the M4 is an amazing car, and the M2 will probably be also, but the 1M remains the 1M and one of the last pure M cars. And still very exclusive.

  • Nag

    Car is also very fast, I’ve been passenger in it in August, drives under 8′ ! Owner is Drive’n’Race – France.