Rumor: BMW-Toyota sports cars to use all-wheel drive and supercapacitors

Rumors | March 25th, 2014 by 7
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The BMW-Toyota sports car is well underway and new details emerge every month. The new car was already confirmed by BMW chairman Norbert Reithofer and …

The BMW-Toyota sports car is well underway and new details emerge every month. The new car was already confirmed by BMW chairman Norbert Reithofer and Toyota boss Akio Toyoda, and it’s scheduled to arrive in 2017 .

According to Autocar, the two-seat sports car that will bring performance-boosting supercapacitor technology to a series-production model for the first time. It will also feature a front-engined layout and it is likely to be four-wheel drive thanks to the use of a direct-injection petrol engine and electric motors. These power sources will form part of a high-tech supercapacitor-touting hybrid system that draws on technology and expertise gained from Toyota’s Le Mans LMP1 sports car program.

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It uses supercapacitors for short-term kinetic energy storage and a performance boost.

BMW and Toyota have chosen supercapacitors because they can absorb and discharge kinetic energy more rapidly than the latest generation of lithium ion batteries. They are also typically smaller and lighter than existing energy storage sources.

BMW brings to the table a powerful 2.0 liter turbocharged engine combined with electric motors produced by BMW at its engine plant in Munich to specifications supplied by Toyota. The engine is paired with a sequential manual gearbox. A Toyota-developed electronics system is expected to provide torque-vectoring capability.

Learning much from the i3 and i8 models, BMW will move some of those ideas into the new sports car.

The sports car will be one of a series of future BMW-Toyota projects to use common engineering solutions and shared components.

7 responses to “Rumor: BMW-Toyota sports cars to use all-wheel drive and supercapacitors”

  1. Concerned driver says:

    I am an owner of a BMW! Why would such a class company as BMW become involved with Toyota..the company that covered up the fact their autos had a sudden acceleration problem that was the cause of fatalities.

    • realtrevor says:

      Why is such a classy company like Porsche and Bentley ascociated with VW. Why is such a classy company like Land Rover and Jagua associated with Jaguar?

      Times have changed, companies form partnerships, companies acquire other companies, as long as the brands do not get diluted by the other brand.

    • Wole says:

      Comments like yous are are more puzzling than the question you are asking. It shows some
      disturbing ignorance I think.
      BMW parters with Toyota because even though they are competitors, they have healthy respect for each other. They both know they are good at what they do (they wouldn’t be both successful if they where not). They also know they best each other in certain things. So, while you might chose not to respect Toyota, the maker of your car does.

    • Crux says:

      There is some slight truthiness in your comment but you still come out as a retard, no offense. Toyota is an amazing company, compiled of humans who make occasional mistakes. You probably don’t even own a bimmer and is more likely a Detroit car owner. Let’s not even bring up GM, that sh1t storm they are into. Nobody is really talking about it, why? Because it’s a domestic car & it’s being protected by American media.

  2. Freepat 75014 says:

    Supercapacitors have a very bad Storage density, means they require a lot more space and weight for a few KWH of capacity… Unless BMW could revival the EESTOR dream…. So they are more likely to be used as interim small capacity storage, with very fast charge and discharges, on top of a main Lithium battery pack. Nobody really found that balance yet and it makes a lot of sense to do that, so let’s see what BMW comes out with here, working with Toyota…
    I just hope they will not put a again a RIDICULOUS battery capacity, as in their 1st Plug In Hybrids set with meaningless <10KWH capacity. Less than 40KWH in that range, even Hybrid, I bet nobody will look at it, never mind how they split that across Supercapacitors and regular Battery…

  3. Seven23 says:

    They should create a concept car soon.

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