This is the BMW i8 Keyfob

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The BMW i8 Keyfob is keeping the automotive world on its toes these days. Weeks after its first appearance on the web, the cool gadget …

The BMW i8 Keyfob is keeping the automotive world on its toes these days. Weeks after its first appearance on the web, the cool gadget gets some much deserved press coverage.

The traditional keyfob, or even newer iterations, is out the window and the high-tech i8 key is in. It comes with a high-resolution LCD displays programmed to show some of the most relevant information in relation to the i8 hybrid sportscar. Based on the image below, the i8 keyfob displays the charge level, the range before recharging/refueling, the time it was charged at and whether the key is connected to the vehicle or not.

This is the BMW i8 Keyfob

BMW seem to have learned something from Apple and Android-based phones, and the little keyfob acts like a mini smartphone with re-programmable functions.

As one can expect, the BMW i8 keyfob won’t be on the cheap side and most likely a replacement will set you back at least $1,000.

The BMW i8 goes on sale in Spring 2014 and has a base price of $135,925.

This is the BMW i8 Keyfob

  • CDspeed

    Its cool as far as keys go but it seems like it might get annoying if you have to keep it charged. A smart phone app would work just as well and then the key wouldn’t have to cost that much.

    • strangestrange

      it will probably be charged when youre driving the car or sth, like induction charging etc

    • Nate Tucker

      Is it annoying to charge your current keys? Just because it has a screen on it doesn’t mean you’ll be using it all day. My current set of keys are charged while they are inserted into the ignition. I don’t see why BMW wouldn’t charge this fob the same way.

      • CDspeed

        The keys in my car have no place to charge, there is nowhere to insert them. I get in with my keys in my pocket, press the start button and thats it.

        • Nate Tucker

          Oh. What model do you have? How do you charge your keys then? If you don’t charge them, how often do you have to replace the battery?

          • CDspeed

            I have a 550i GT, I’ve had my car four years this coming Febuary and have not had to change the batteries once. If the batteries go too low there is a spot on the steering columb marked by a key symbol that I supposedly can touch the end of the key to and it will allow it to start. Plus my owner’s manual lists the type of battery and shows how to replace it, so either my BMW dealer can change it or I can.

          • Nate Tucker

            Gotcha. Hmm, well if this one doesn’t have a place to dock, it’ll definitely not last four years. I hope they have an additional app, like you said. Maybe all the new models could sync up with the app for information as shown above as well as diagnostic codes, reset switches, etc.

          • CDspeed

            I know that there is supposed to be a BMW i Connected app that the i3 will use, and it’s not named just for the i3 so it may work for the i8 as well. Though it won’t make much sense on the i8 because of the screen on the key so BMW could exclude the i8 from the app. I like the i8 key, what guy wouldn’t love a tech gadget like that, but keys are usually basic and can take a bit of punishment. So if the key is smart phone like you’ll have to worry about scratching the screen and or dropping it. And I don’t need to get nerdy with my car keys and buy a screen protector, a key should be fairly simple.

  • Caracs

    Yeah, here’s the cradle Supposedly induction charging (and a backup CR3032 or something for the lock/unlock/start functions of keyless entry/start).

    • Horatiu B.

      Thanks for the link

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  • Otto

    So much praising of Apple design, so many “i”, so much fascination and inspiration to finally come up with a Tamagotchi…

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  • Michael

    One word: Innovative

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