Photo Comparison: 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class W205 vs. BMW 3 Series F30

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Bild Vergleich BMW 3er F30 Luxury Line Mercedes C Klasse Exclusive 2014 04 750x500 Photo Comparison: 2015 Mercedes Benz C Class W205 vs. BMW 3 Series F30

The new 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class was unveiled today. The W205 C-Class will compete with the BMW 3 Series F30, Audi A4 and Lexus IS. The …

The new 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class was unveiled today. The W205 C-Class will compete with the BMW 3 Series F30, Audi A4 and Lexus IS. The brand sold 2.4 million units of the previous model and they have high expectations for the even more refined W205 model.

2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class is a more upscale and refined big brother to the entry-level CLA, and with design lines close to the S-Class.

In the new design language all the design elements are integrated. Each line flows into another to make the cars feel modern and clean but also more sculptural. The new design features a line that begins within the headlight and drops as it crosses the body toward the rear, and continues all the way towards the rear taillight wrapping around the vehicle.

Bild Vergleich BMW 3er F30 Luxury Line Mercedes C Klasse Exclusive 2014 04 750x562 Photo Comparison: 2015 Mercedes Benz C Class W205 vs. BMW 3 Series F30

The new Mercedes C-Class can also be ordered with a central star in the grille, and then receives a significantly younger-looking package.

Bild Vergleich BMW 3er F30 Luxury Line Mercedes C Klasse Exclusive 2014 02 750x750 Photo Comparison: 2015 Mercedes Benz C Class W205 vs. BMW 3 Series F30

Inside the new C-Class gets a complete makeover. The new cabin is more inviting and reflects the design of the exterior. The central console is dominated by a large screen. Rather than a touchscreen, the entire system is operated by a touchpad placed where the driver would typically find a shift knob.

It also offers a Head-Up Display, plus numerous security systems and electronic assistants, full-LED headlights and the first air suspension in the premium midsize.

More aluminum and high-strength steels make the new generation up to 100 kilograms lighter than its predecessor, although the rigidity of the body has been increased and the sedan is nearly ten centimeters longer. At just 4.69 meters, the C-Class is about six centimeters longer than the 3 Series.


Base C300 4Matic models in the U.S. will have a 2.0-liter turbo four developing 235 hp and 273 lb-ft. The C400 4Matic will have a 3.5-liter turbo V6 with 329 hp and 354 lb-ft. Both engines are mated to a standard seven-speed automatic gearbox.

In Germany, the new Mercedes C180 with 156-hp gasoline engine starts at 33,558 euros. The second model available at market launch, Mercedes C200 with 184 hp, has a starting price of 36,414 euros. The C220 BlueTec diesel launches with a base price of 38,675 euros.

As always, we put together a photo comparison between the two contenders.

Tell us in the comments below which one you would buy.

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50 responses to “Photo Comparison: 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class W205 vs. BMW 3 Series F30”

  1. Sithembewena Lloyd Dube says:

    She’s a looker! The game’s on, BMW :-)

  2. RD says:

    BMW gonna need to step up their “interior’ game. I like the Benz interior better, but prefer the Bimmer’s exterior. And of course, in most cases – Bimmer drives better than Mercedes

  3. Scott Villeneuve says:

    They did a great job with the new C Class. The introduction of the CLA allowed MB to take a good, hard look, at the new C and what it needs to do to be a class leader.

  4. Kunal M Pahwa says:

    I don’t know how I feel about the seat controls on the door lol that’s kind of funny looking. The tail exterior looks a bit childish and lacks a serious personality. The screen just protruding out of the dash – seems like it wasn’t really thought out. I like the wood though. Overall impressive. It has a very strong luxurious presence on the exterior, while the BMW has a very strong sporty presence. I can bet the BMW drives better without the doubt. The 3 Series is the benchmark of the industry. Good show.

  5. rich says:

    What about the Total wheigt each one?

  6. Jack says:

    I prefer the BMW, but you have to admit the BMW style is somewhat dated, especially when looking at the rear.

    • Kyaw Sithu says:

      I guess they try to stick to their old L shape lights. That is part of what a BMW is apart from the Kidney Grilles and the Hofmeister Kink

  7. rich says:

    Brakes : caine, diameter and which material and distance brake..

  8. Michael says:

    It’s attractive in the luxury trim but the sport trim looks far too similar to the CLA. I wouldn’t consider spending $40k+ on a vehicle that will just look like a $30k CLA driving down the street.

    • Jack says:

      Then what is the point buying a 5 Series over a 3 Series, those look literally exactly the same, minus the size difference. BMW needs to realize who they are messing with. Mercedes is coming fast and they are on BMW’s heals. BMW needs to change up its styling cues both in the interior and exterior cuz they are getting drab and old. By the rate at which Mercedes is progressing, its only a couple of years before Mercedes grabs the title as largest luxry car manufacturer in the world. Once again.

  9. Kyle P. Silvers says:

    The BMW feels like it hasn’t changed much since the 90s. There is something very dated about it. The W205 C class interior is lightyears ahead of the F30 in my opinion. It exudes elegance, modernity, and unprecedented class refinement.

  10. milky_cereal says:

    Looks really good. The exterior is just average. From the front it looks like a smaller E class, which is nothing to write home about. But the interior is very luxurious with a hint of avant garde sportiness to it. It puts the CLA to shame. However, that protruding nav screen seems like a total afterthought and cheap looking.

  11. Roland Renno says:

    First of all, I don’t like the exterior because the new C-class Benz is pretty similar in design to Korean cars, especially the lights and lines. The BMW is more conservative in design to older BMW models and still preserve that nice rear-end unlike the Benz.
    The interior is another story. It’s a step forward for Benz but still I would prefer the BMW because it reflects dynamics and sportiness. The new Benz looks more like a Jaguar. Bottom of line: BMW looks way better.

  12. Giom says:

    I love the fact that BMW and Mercedes is going in two different directions. This hasn’t been the cas in a long time. I know that the 3 and the C will battle each other for sales, but, really, they are aimed at two very different types of buyers.
    To be honest, it feels good to look at a new Merc and to think, “Wow, that’s a beautifull individual.” It’s its own car, not a car trying to keep up with the Joneses.
    I’ve got huge respect for what Mercedes has achieved in a few years. BMW is also on a similar ‘new’ direction. And the good thing is… they’re in different directions!

  13. Kavin Law says:

    Just got to wait for C45 AMG.

  14. viper says:

    for me , the new S class looks like 2 classes above 7er , this C class looks at least 1.5 class above the 3er , exterior/interior/technology wise , The merc is obviously aiming to lead the entire sedan segment (audi a4, a5sb , a6 , a7 , a8 , bmw3 , 5 ,6gc,7) , bmw needs drastic designer changes , not so much exterior as much as for interior and marketing wise they need more distance between the series (names , looks all of it)

  15. DS says:

    Too bad it’s not a plugin electric!

  16. jason bourne says:

    The C-class doesn’t look European anymore… It looks Asian… And in a bad way.

  17. Denis says:

    Personally, I prefer BMW’s design strategy – an evolution rather than a complete redesign. It’s more consistent and balanced. Mercedes has some trendy details which might work now, but I wonder what will it look like in, say, 5 years.

  18. crybabyrepukes says:

    People who don’t KNOW BMW often mistake the simple interior as “outdated” – That’d be… wrong. If you are a TRUE BMW enthusiast, you ONLY care about handling and the aggressiveness of the car. I have a 335 and its interior is stark compared the the flash of Mercedes. But let me show you how my Bimmer will outlast the C-Class on the track. Sorry, folks. BMW is the hands-down winner. And if you only speak of lame interior starkness, you don’t know BMW’s primary focus.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      I think there are two type of buyers. One that cares about theUltimate Driving Machine and second, the demographic that buys it based on luxury. Especially since 50% or more of 3 series buyers are females.

      • crybabyrepukes says:

        You are likely right. And a reason BMW has 3 or 4 lines now. SPORT, LUXURY, MODERN and the M SPORT. Women probably go for the LUXURY or MODERN line while guys go for SPORT or M SPORT (not the full-fledged M – that’s in a different realm) I will say my M Sport goes from 0-60 in 4.6 seconds. Enough to knock the socks off most cars.

  19. Hunter says:

    I will buy the Mercedes-Benz C. The exterior and interior look more driven towards the future, where the BMW looks dated. Also the Electromagnetic stealing from the Mercedes-feels more luxurious and sporty when you need it via the adaptive agility control suspension. Over all the MB brings more engineering quality to the driver. The small things like the seat control on the door, make for an easier use as opposed to fumbling under the side of the seat in the BMW. I want white exterior with the new red interior colors! So excited!

    • Lucky Stars says:

      Man I wish the c class was out in June when I need a car. the bmw looks really bad in my opinion in any trim but luxury. I may consider the 3, a used cts ( looks better then new one and great size) a used e class and also a quick look at is and q50, audi a4… just cant get into it despite right size and price.

  20. sodomite says:

    w205 all the way. exterior – mb win, interior- mb win technology- mb win. period. sorry guys mb by far better.
    That said, f30’s rear still looks great retaining bmw’s signature tail light design. But that’s where it ends unfortunately. Front of f30 is simply a disaster. Bmw’s design used to be very nice, e46 at it’s peak and it’s successor almost on par. But since then, it’s all the way downhill. Very boring dull and even awkward china looking design. The only design improvement from all Bmw range is 5 series. All 3 series, 1 series, x series all went horrible. Kia and hyundai’s design is better than bmw now. Fun to drive wise, being BMW’s only advantage criteria, F30 also went downhill from its predecessor. What a shame. I’d say now it’s not so noticeably better than MB. So verdict? W205 is tenfolds better than F30. Period. Full stop.

  21. tarena1991 says:

    BMW needs a fleet-wide interior overhaul. They are about 5 years behind everyone else, too many buttons!

    I had hoped the next-gen 7 series would start a new interior design language but I heard the president use the term “evolutionary” as opposed to “revolutionary” which sounds bad to me considering the massive leap that Mercedes just made with the new S-Class.

  22. talha bin saeed says:

    bmw has great advantage over mercedes

  23. RuffRadi says:

    Merc is just the better looking one, even I really like the Beemers, however, I would only buy the M series of BMW

  24. gtobynj says:

    Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. From reading other comments in the thread, it seems that most are impressed by the Mercs looks. I’m a BMW fan, but not a frothing “they can’t do no wrong” type. The interior I’ll give up to a simple case of taste, I still prefer the BMW, but the exterior, WOW did Mercedes ever hit that thing with the ugly stick… almost makes me think they hired Bangle to ruin their cars for them – I don’t like the S class either, but the design looks better on a bigger car IMHO. But then, the Bangle ruined 7,6 and 5 sold like hot cakes, while they made me want to puke.

  25. jvcdd says:

    MB beyond question. Never has Benz ever sat 2nd to anyone, EVER! That’s why its called Mercedes Benz !

  26. Rad Dockery says:

    To me. C-Class > F30… F10 > e CLass.. S-Class > 7 Series.. BMW wins all of the SUV categories. 6 Series Gran Coupe & CLS is a tie. Mercedes has better sports cars.. obviously.

    I had a 328 as a loaner when my car was in service. Next day one of my good friends got a C400. Let me say that as a BMW fan boy who loves his 535d, and loves how the 328/335 drives – that the Mercedes C400 looks better than the F30. Exterior wise, the F30 with M Package has a more sporty look but the C400 with the AMG package looks fierce. It is the interior and interior details where the C400 destroys the F30. The details in the C400 from seatbelt to the power roof to the comfort level of the seats exceeds the F30. Sitting in both cars, you feel the difference. The 335i has a sportier drive than the C400 for sure. But the C400 is no slouch either. For the hardcore F30 fan, they will stay with BMW. However for the growing markets who want something sporty yet refined, the C- Class will win 75% of the time. That is my two cents.

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