Toyota Verso 1.6 D4-D 2014: BMW N47 diesel engine under the hood

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Toyota Verso 2013 BMW Diesel Motor 01 750x500

In January 2014, the Toyota Verso 1.6 D-4D model will come to market with a BMW engine under the hood. As announced back in 2011, …

In January 2014, the Toyota Verso 1.6 D-4D model will come to market with a BMW engine under the hood.

As announced back in 2011, BMW will supply the Japanese automaker with modern diesel engines. First models will carry the four-cylinder units but other powerplants will follow in the future.

The Toyota Verso 1.6 D-4D 1.6-liter uses the N47D16 engine variant with 113 hp and 270 Newton meters of torque. The CO2 emission is 119 grams per kilometer.

Toyota Verso 2013 BMW Diesel Motor 01 750x562

Didier Leroy (SEO Toyota Motor Corporation and Toyota Motor Europe President and CEO): “At Toyota, we believe that the environmental challenges that faces our industry, require more than one approach. Hybrid is the heart of our strategy for sustainable mobility, but we also see a space for clean diesel in Europe.

Working with an industry leader such as the BMW Group allows us to benefit from economies of scale in the development and simultaneously to shorten the time until the introduction of new products. ”

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6 responses to “Toyota Verso 1.6 D4-D 2014: BMW N47 diesel engine under the hood”

  1. Michael says:

    This concept, if expanded, can be for BMW a great way to benefit from non-premium/high volume vehicles without having to go downmarket with its own brands.

  2. Otto says:

    Interesting indeed, knowing the MINI R50 Diesel had a Toyota engine under the bonnet.

  3. Ronald Beach says:

    I always thought it would be a good idea for BMW to team up with a Japanese company. I just thought it would be with a manufacturer that shared their passion for sporty vehicles, like Honda or Mazda, not a snooze like Toyota…

  4. cleanupcars says:

    Toyota has just usurped BMW as the most valuable automotive brand in the BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2013 report. Maybe downmarket isn’t the best description for Toyota.

    The GT86 is often voted the most exciting sportscar below £30,000, although granted their bread & butter vehicles are staid (IQ is fun!). In JD Power worldwide surveys, where owners, not journos, provide the product satisfaction feedback, they suggest that Toyota (along with Honda & Mazda) consistently outscore their European competitors/partners, irrespective of price point/market segment on the criteria that matters to the car owner. Arguably (!) based on the many comparative surveys carried out over many years, the Japanese products are generally higher quality than European products, even when the Japanese company manufacture offshore, such as Burnaston/ Deeside

    Is a BMW 5 series better engineered than a Yaris? Ask the AA!

    Toyota, rightly or wrongly, believe diesel power is not their future strategic priority, & have therefore outsourced diesel to a European partner with an excellent reputation in this field.

    Their priorities are petrol, hybrid & hydrogen cell, They think that the next iteration of hybrid (due 2015) will begin to out-compete the best of European diesel competition. They will have a production hydrogen fuel cell vehicle on sale 2015. Place your bets for who has the crystal ball.

    It can only be good for car buyers that such divergence in R&D approach by major players such as BMW & Toyota, as it will help drive innovation. BMW’s I3 is a case in point, whereas Toyota seem luke warm on all-electric. Have you seen an all electric Mazda 2 with a miniature Rotary (Wankel) petrol engine to extend its range running about?

    Maybe BMW will gain something from the reverse information flow from Japan, and incorporate Toyota technology.Their products may be all the better for it!

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