BMW Concept 4 Series vs. BMW 4 Series Coupe Production – Photo Comparison

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After its unveil at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, the BMW Concept 4 Series Coupe was praised and admired by fans from around the world, …

After its unveil at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, the BMW Concept 4 Series Coupe was praised and admired by fans from around the world, and often labeled as one of the most beautiful BMW designs to date. Our own Chuck Vossler was already sold on the Concept 4 Series Coupe:

“Now, having seen the BMW 4 Series Coupe and talked to the designers in person, I am sold. Like really sold. Like figure out how to make room for it in the garage sold. Though it can be seen it in the pictures, in person the 4 Series really impresses with a seriously aggressive and low stance. Wheels seem to come all the way out of the fenders and there is not much wheel space left because it’s all used up for grip and what fender gap was left has been lowered for better handling. The wheelbase has been stretched, and to me, honestly it looks nothing like the F30 3 Series Sedan. The sedan looks conservative but the 4 series is so much more sleek.”

Bild Vergleich BMW 4er Coupe Serie Concept 2013 04 655x655

The design of the Concept 4 Series Coupe Won Kyu Kang said the car came to life to merge the Technic with the Aesthetic.

Fast forward a few months later and BMW has unveiled the production version of the 4 Series Coupe. But this time around, the reviews are mixed and many are already pointing the less-impressive look when compared to the Concept version. Some believe the differences between the concept study and the “actual” car are significant, and the 4 Series Coupe lost some of its “WOW” factor.

Bild Vergleich BMW 4er Coupe Serie Concept 2013 02 655x655

When unveiled, one of the features that stood out the most was the new headlight design with a direct transition to the kidneys, a feature that remains in the production model but with some changes.

Other changes come in the front apron where the concept featured a large central air intake more voluminous at its outer edges. As expected and hinted by BMW at that time, the production model carries a revised version of the air intake.

In the back, the changes are visible as well. The production model features classic BMW taillights, compared to the new lightning technology seen on the concept.


The basic proportions and dimensions, however, are virtually identical, so no one seems to complain here.

As always, BMWBLOG has put together a visual comparison between the two variants, and we encourage you to tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.




[Photos: Bimmertoday]

56 responses to “BMW Concept 4 Series vs. BMW 4 Series Coupe Production – Photo Comparison”

  1. Nizer says:

    Devil is in the details and the details on the concept look a lot better than those of the production.

  2. Jigstraw says:

    The two interior pictures currently posted are comparing the F32 with the E92. The 4 Series Coupe Concept had those bird’s nest cup holders.

  3. Michael says:

    This ‘watering down’ of concept vehicles isn’t strictly something that BMW does. The practice of altering the fine details from the concept model to the production model is not foreign to any automotive brand that I can think of except maybe in the instance of Rolls Royce’s Ghost concept, the 200EX. The 200EX was basically identical to the production Ghost. Think of how much better car design would be if manufacturers didn’t do that. What if the Mercedes S-class Cabriolet were to look exactly like the Ocean Drive concept? For that matter why is this such a general practice?

  4. jerry says:

    the tail lights on the concept give the car a more updated look.

  5. Giom says:

    It’s a beautifull car, no doubt. But after seeing that one B&W sketch, I was thinking, the 4 series should have looked like that. More exotic, more aggressive. The 6 series doesn’t look anything like the 5. Interesting that they didn’t treat the 4 series in the same vain. My feeling is, BMW missed out on an opportunity here to have created something special. The 4 is beautifull, no doubt, but predictable.

    If I was BMW marketing, I would have pushed for a ‘wow’ model – for production. Not for the upper echelons of supercardom, something more within reach. And I think the 4 series would have been the perfect placement for such a vehicle.

    • Name says:

      “The 4 is beautifull, no doubt, but predictable” Agreed

    • Michael says:

      If they had presented the vehicle as “something more within reach” it would have conflicted with and negated the entire purpose of elevating the vehicles series designation from a 3 to a 4. Other than that I agree with you entirely. Actually, in sticking with their own strategy, it would have been more consistent for them to have further reduced the visible similarities between the 3 and the 4, as they did between the 5 and the 6.

  6. G Man says:

    As what i can see with owning a BMW E90 320D LCI car, the 4 Series in concept could be the LCI model to come after 3 years time, currently they are trying to keep it similar to the BMW F30 3 series for production.

    • graham says:

      i was wondering that myself… headlights look like the LED option available on 6 series, maybe its hinting at the top-of-the line model and/or LCI model. I would not be surprised if we do not see an M4 until LCI

  7. Ash Irani says:

    Please give us the concept looking car on the next M4 or the the M version of the 435i. Please just dont take a 3 series badge n put a 4 series on it instead. BMW has to remember it needs to put its brand where its mouth is. I’m a BMW lover (E46 Coupe 1 of my favorite cars).

  8. Johnny says:

    They killed everything intriguing about the car and left everything mundane – what was the thinking behind this I wonder anxiously?

  9. bmw says:

    One best emotional feeling a BMW gave me was 「4-Concept headlight with C-shape LED and go towards kidneys + Big-Mouth front bumper air intake」~~~~~ BUT……shame for the production version because the STUNNING good feelings has gone forever.

    4-Concept headlight gave this car SO powerful and beautiful image in front side,can anyone tell me why bmw take C-shape LED off ? …………I wish Bmwblog could tell bimmers the reason why

  10. ihorses says:

    Disappointed. Looks a lot toned down compared to the concept, but still cool car.

  11. Ather Radwi says:

    Definitely, the concept in and out is one million time better, more impressive, and esthetic than the production! I pray BMW will stop for a minute and listen to all the experts from motoring world fans and lovers of BMW, and reconsider the production model!

  12. FRED says:


  13. FRED says:

    4 series is good but is not as impressive as 4 series concept…is just a sedan with 3 doors…

  14. FRED says:


  15. FRED says:


  16. Yordanov says:

    I am so disappointed! The concept is much much better. I am not pleased with BMW the past few years except the 6 series.

  17. Aaron says:

    Proportions and some of the lines just seem a touch off…wish it looked like the concept.

  18. Wouter says:

    The concept car was much(!) better

  19. BMWdriver says:

    concept wins hands down. im a little disappointed. was looking forward tot his car. now… ill wait and see.

  20. viper says:

    the concept looks way better , as I stated before they always blew it for reason unknown.
    bmw ain’t the Only one who’s doing it tho , however bmw struggles to make a fine looking car and whn they at least make it as a concept you can count on a shitty production look.

  21. viper says:

    the concept looks way better , as I stated before they always blew it for reason unknown.
    bmw ain’t the Only one who’s doing it tho , however bmw struggles to make a fine looking car and whn they at least make it as a concept you can count on a shitty production look.

  22. Dustin says:

    The production version doesn’t impress me much, but neither did the concept. It’s that “M4 concept” mockup shown here on BMWblog that is the real goalpost.

  23. john says:

    the real thing looks like a piece of crap compared to the concept, which i find fabulous and disturbingly beautifull…it is the first time in many years when the concept looks so much different that the final product…now i expect the same thing to happen with the I8 model ….Bmw just killed the WOW factor, what they are selling is just a 3 series coupe not the 4 series that everbody expected … they should create a new model before assigning the “4 series” title…to me it’s no way much different in design that the regular 3 series sedan….i guess Audi teached everybody to make all the cars dull and as identical as possible…the 4 series could have been a step in the right direction as it had an innovative design compared to the 3 series , 5 and 7 , but Bmw threw it all away for some incresed market share in China ….we need a new Bangle era , Bmw should name all their cars “3 to 7 series”, and not a specific “3” or “5” … Bmw needs fresh blood , Bmw please fire Adrian Van Hooydonk before he makes the legendary 8 series identical as the 7.. look what he did with the M1, which should have been a legend car instead of a mass production…Bmw is as rotten as ever, its roots are well dried out and money & market share is the only thing driving Bmw right now not the BMW owners…..

    • viper says:

      that’s the sad truth , Chris was way more innovative , just look at the cars from that era , they were groundbreaking and nothing like the previous bmw’s , the 6 series from that period even today looks beyond fresh in exterior (interior is kind of boring and sterile in almost every bmw past present future which is a bit retarded , how can nobody see those things?) , bmw needs new design and concepts should become reality , they need to focus on uber luxury segment , electrical or V12 engines , more aggressive M cars , look at the new S class , a perfect example of being innovative and fresh , it does not look like e class , the design is different , bmw won’t have car like that in the next 25 years.or never. they just don’t get it

    • FRED says:

      “it is the first time in many years when the concept looks so much different that the final product.”……you are so right!

      • Horatiu B. says:

        But is it though? Those changes were expected.

        • ManniMan says:

          Nah I disagree. Those changes were too radical, I myself as a BMW fan did not expect it to change this much. After looking at the concept, I think everyone felt a sense of disappointment with the production version.I believe the sales figures would probably double if they started to produce the concept version.

          • ManniMan says:

            I think BMW are in denial about this, I mean just read the other comments, most people are disappointed too. They need to realise that they have some major competition and if they continue to tease people with beautiful concept cars and then produce a car that looks bland in comparison then they could suffer repercussions.They have the right business model but they just need to step it up a notch.

  24. John says:

    I originally through the concept looked great and I was going to get a 435i – but not a chance in hell any more. This is a disaster. One of the worst things they could have done is show a great design and tone it down so much is looks like something mums would drive to pick up kids in now. I now have to wait for the M3, but I am guessing that will just be toned done as well. As a BMW fan, and of car design, I could no be more disappointed after seeing what happened to this car.

  25. Oakhill says:

    As a BMW fan, I had hoped that the coupe would improve on the awkward profile of the hood on the sedan and approach the nice curves on the Audi A 5. It did not. It still has many beautiful features, and the weight balance suggests that it will be the better car to drive, but that hood looks like the one awkward compromise in the car.

  26. BMW enthusiast says:

    Concept looks much much better and sexier than the production. I was really looking forward to the LED headlights and new taillights. Now with the production version they all look same as the 3 series sedan, especially if you look only the back it’s hard to differentiate from the sedan version. I know it was a concept car but BMW don’t wow us with that then come up with the production disappointment!

  27. tantan says:



    The concept will be the M4 !!!!

  29. Truong Giang says:

    Oh come on, enough moaning. When the concept was first released, you were moaning about the “overdone front and rear bumper”, now you’re moaning because those have been changed?
    Show me a production car that looks better than it concept, please!

  30. Martise says:

    My wife and I have been a member of the BMW club for about seven years now and when we saw the 4series concept car we was like ohhhhh I want this car. A few months later we saw the 4series that they are putting out we both looked at it and said this is nothing but a 3series car. What happen to the WOW factor the looked that raised every eye to look at BMW and say I want that 4series BMW. With 4series that are producing and putting out to the public people will say why should I pay 5-10 thousand more for the same car. The 3-4series coupe are the same car one has the 3series emblem on the back and the other has the 4series emblem. I think as we’ll as the rest of the people that wrote on here thinks that the concept car should be the car that they put out for the public.

  31. Viper1000 says:

    I agree, The concept much better

  32. Aman says:

    I honestly made all the plans to get the 4-series when the concept look came out. Now that the production line is out, honestly i’ve lost all the interest. I’m already driving a 3 series and it just doesn’t seem to be a huge difference for me. Looking into the A5 or the S5.

  33. MarkThai says:

    Production version took not only the “wow” away from the concept, but BMW also didn’t make that brake vent any better!!!

  34. Jim J says:

    The concept was WOW this looks like the typical variation of the 3 series 4 door. I have a E92 was going to trade for the new body style / second thoughts now.

    • Dogo808 says:

      Same here. I will be hanging on to my e92 ( my 4the BMW ) and starting to look closely at MB and Audi options. If MB can make exhaust ports integrate into body styling why can’t BMW? The brand is losing its competitive edge in the name of models being able to share and swap part numbers.

  35. Mon says:

    The first time I saw the concept I was so in love with this car; it was not a matter of will I buy it? It was more of when can I buy it?. Now as everybody else has said I’ve lost all interest on it, honestly this is so frustrating. Why can’t they leave those fenders and the head lights? Why is that so difficult? Why can’t they even offer them in a package? All industries change their production versions but, its just common sense, they leave the features that made people excited about their concepts, not the other way around. Hate u BMW.

  36. agentbb007 says:

    Concept cars always look better then the production version so really nothing new; see the volt concept vs production, YIKES now that was disappointing.

    But great job BMWBlog this was an AWESOME comparison of concept vs production! To me the 4 concept looks like a 6 series coupe. So if you want that look just drop $100k on a 6 :)

    I think the new design fits a perfect blend of updating the look, making it a bit more sporty yet still maintaining similarities to its predecessor. BMW can’t completely change the model or else there are going to be some pretty pissed off people who just purchased 2013 3 series coupes.

    My X6 lease is up next year and I’m definitely going with the 435xi with Full LED lights, can’t wait!

  37. Nick says:

    I wanted the 4 series as I saw the concept car, but the production line no no no, I would rather buy the 5 series. Mxm bad move guys, I’m disappointed.

  38. enorl76 says:

    The photo at the top of the story still looks like the 2014 4-series (top half) vs my 2011 E92 (bottom half).

    I would recognize that 2011 version cockpit any day, as it is mine every day ;-)

  39. robnyc09 says:

    The concept car looks a thousand times better than the new BMW 4 Series. It’s like night and day. When you compared the exterior vs. the 4 Series the taillights, headlights front and rear bumpers look completely different. As far as the interior, look at the dash and the leather seats (beautiful). This concept car should of be produced to the customers NOT the 4 series that’s selling now. Honestly BMW made a big mistake and I’m very disappointed at them.

  40. Freudeking says:

    What it should have been!!! If BMW had just put this straight into production without putting in the effort to make the production version look less appealing, it would have dominated this Coupe market! The current 4 Series has a weird front bumper that looks like it is melting and the rear is just plain ordinary – just like a 3 Series. Those tail pipes look like they came straight out of a Toyota!

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