The 2013 BMW ALPINA B7 Facelift

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Today, BMW announced updates to the second generation of the successful BMW ALPINA B7 super-high performance luxury sedan with more performance, fresh design features, and …

Today, BMW announced updates to the second generation of the successful BMW ALPINA B7 super-high performance luxury sedan with more performance, fresh design features, and improved efficiency. The new B7 is slated for a North American debut at the historic Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in August and will go on-sale immediately thereafter. Pricing will be $127,600 (B7 Standard Wheelbase), $130,600 (B7 SWB with xDrive), $131,500 (B7 Long Wheelbase), and $134,500 (B7 LWB with xDrive).

The new BMW ALPINA B7 has been enhanced in-line with updates to the 2013 BMW 7 Series Sedans including more power, more performance, and more efficiency. The new B7 features 40 additional horsepower (now rated 540 hp) and 22 lb-ft more torque (up to 538 from 516 lb-ft) thanks to the addition of BMW’s Valvetronic throttle-less intake technology and a new ALPINA 8- speed high performance transmission. Top speed is now a fierce 194 mph (drag-limited, 193 mph with xDrive), up from the previous 175 mph. Acceleration drops into the low-mid-4-second range for all variants (4.3-4.4 seconds). The BMW ALPINA B7 Sedan remains the benchmark in terms of luxurious performance, chassis technology, and hand-finished exclusivity.

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Each variant of the updated BMW ALPINA B7 (including Standard Wheelbase, Long Wheelbase, sDrive, and xDrive) will arrive with over 30 new parts which enhance the design and frontal aerodynamics to more effectively channel the cooling air required to manage the increased power output. New BMW kidney grilles, updated Xenon Adaptive headlights, LED front fog lights, and updated tail lights are also included. Other now-standard features will include ceramic secondary controls, engine Automatic Start-Stop, and the Active protection system. Optionally, the B7 Sedan will offer Full LED Headlights, Bang & Olufsen Surround Sound System, new exterior colors and interior upholstery choices in-line with the 7 Series update. Renewed BMW individual color and trim offerings complete the package. The appearance remains unmistakable on signature 21” ALPINA Classic 20-spoke wheels and stunning ALPINA Blue Metallic paint.

The BMW ALPINA B7 is available as a special order vehicle with capacity-limited production underscoring its exclusivity. The B7’s body is manufactured in the BMW 7 Series factory (Plant Dingolfing) and hand-finished with the remaining ALPINA components at the ALPINA factory in Buchloe, Germany. This production sequence increases the production schedule by approximately two weeks. European Delivery at the BMW Welt delivery center is available for the BMW ALPINA B7.

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11 responses to “The 2013 BMW ALPINA B7 Facelift”

  1. Not-any-more BMW fan says:

    Oh really? What about the S65 AMG. It will blow the Alpina B7 doors off with ease.

    • Giom says:

      Lol! The argument of a kid…

    • BMW BEST says:

      Ya only on straight line,once they enter to corner,Alpina B7 will simply blow S65 AMG off easily like a boss.

      • Not-any-more BMW fan says:

        On the straight line, the S65 AMG will get such a huge advantage that your alpina b7 will already lag half a kilometre behind and nothing will help.

        • BMW BEST says:

          Such as big joke,both of them are nearly in the same weight,not to mention the S65 AMG is always heavier than BMW 7 series.So how can you expect your big dumb S65 AMG will lead half a kilometer?
          But of course,due to the BMW natural-good handling advantage,your dumba$$ AMG can’t do anything from being overtake by BMW easily.Let’s roll!

        • Satoshi Katsura says:

          Except no one considers a straight during testing ALL the time? And the fact that a Mercedes is meant for being chauffeured in compared to a driver’s car?

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