Download: Complete catalog for New BMW 3 Series Sedan

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BMW 3er F30 Katalog Serie 1 750x500

The new BMW 3 Series catalog is now available and gives us a closer look at the options, colors and trims offered in the new …

The new BMW 3 Series catalog is now available and gives us a closer look at the options, colors and trims offered in the new 3er. The three new packages, Sport, Modern and Luxury are further detailed and explained, along with the M package.

But for the first time, we have a chance to see the F30 3 Series in standard form as well. Even though the catalog doesn’t specify pricing for the three lines, we expect them to carry a premium price of around 2,000 euros, similar to the new 1 Series.

The catalog applies to German models and for example, we learned that the automatic transmission with shift paddles on the steering wheel are not available for base models, like the 316d and 318d.

BMW 3er F30 Katalog Serie 1 655x486

BMW will also launch on the European market the highly fuel efficient BMW 320d EfficientDynamics edition, a four cylinder diesel powered vehicle.

For more information, see the catalog below.

Download BMW 3 Series Catalog

9 responses to “Download: Complete catalog for New BMW 3 Series Sedan”

  1. Guest says:

    Come on BMW, give the US the BMW 320d EfficientDynamics model!

  2. dambmw says:

    Looking at the catalog, looks like the only way to get black leather is with a red trim, looks like BMW is restricting the style of the interior more than before, not everyone is going to with black leather with red trim or ever gray trim, the gray will look dirty after a while (most likely). If someone reads this differently, please post

    Other thing IMO the interior dash is a huge improvement, only reason I never purchase an E9x was due to the interior.

    I hope the coupe has different options.

  3. AL says:

    You can see what BMW’s mass marketing has come to, people here in comments as well as articles, begging for a “frugal” 4 cylinder diesel.

    How the mighty I have fallen!

    BMW’s used to be the standard bearer for performance oriented drivers, not that I have anything against diesels. Quite the contrary I hope they produce a 335d in the F30 for sale here in America, at least that engine wouldn’t embarrass the performance heritage of BMW, at least for the few of us who still care.

    • Aguaha says:

      hey, i remember when all you could get was a 320i and lusting after a ‘europe only’ 323i (six instead of four, was all you could do.
      Bimmers earned their cred on 4 cylinder cars.
      i see the best part as the sport/sport+/eco mode button, right now you have little choice between a non responsive accelerator and a somewhat sport mode…this should be an improvement.
      best engine tranny combo i have ever driven was my 2007 328i european delivery coupe, no need for sport mode…..unfortunately the ave. mpg with about 50% hwy and 50% city was 17mpg

  4. Ajja16 says:

    does the 320i exist in this category or is it replace by the 328i

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