Mercedes-Benz Concept A-Class : Future Opponent for BMW 1 Series

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Ahead of its New York Auto Show debut, Mercedes-Benz reveals their latest model: A-Class Concept. The new redesigned A-Class aims to go head-to-head with the …

Ahead of its New York Auto Show debut, Mercedes-Benz reveals their latest model: A-Class Concept. The new redesigned A-Class aims to go head-to-head with the new BMW 1 Series and the young Audi A3 Concept. The new A-Class features a far more sportier design with a higher seating position that aims to attract the young demographic.

The new Concept A-Class will go on display at the Shanghai and New York auto shows later this month and is a significant departure from the current, rather boxy A-Class model. Instead of a traditional grille, the fascia of the Concept A-Class features plenty of metallic silver hexagons on black stems, an unique design that continues to be seen on the wheels and LED headlamps. The headlights and daytime running-lights remind us of the CLS models.

mercedes benz concept a class 104 2 cd gallery zoomed 655x400Among other unique features that will probably not going to make it into production are the LED-lit turn signals integrated into the sliver of a mount for the side-view mirrors. From the side, the Concept A-Class showcases an elegant profile with a coupe-like design.

While the new BMW 1 Series remains a rear-wheel drive vehicle, both the current, second-gen A-class and its predecessor are front-wheel drive, and the next A will be no different. The concept is powered by an all-new 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, turbocharged and direct-injected, producing 210 hp.

As a highlight, the Concept A-Class also includes some of the advanced systems found in other vehicles, like radar-based collision warning and adaptive brake assist. Later this year, the new  F20 1 Series Hatchback will also launch with some new options generally not available in entry-level BMWs: lane departure warning, parking cameras, parking assist and new infotainment options.

There is no word on whether the Concept A-Class has been approved for production, but we expect Mercedes to push forward these type of vehicles to gain more market share in the important small compact premium market.

26 responses to “Mercedes-Benz Concept A-Class : Future Opponent for BMW 1 Series”

  1. pimeto says:

    The headlights look like the old 6er … lol

  2. Anonymous says:

    Looks like a Mazda to me, especially to side and rear….dont like mazdas….1-series FTW!!

  3. Dede says:

    Maybe Merc will bring this to the US and it sells well in urban markets. Then, finallly, BMW may wise up and bring the 1-series hatch to the US. One can only hope.

  4. Tom Cardone says:

    looks pretty cool

  5. Rybnik47 says:

    Is it just me, or is Mercedes totally copying the i8 concept’s wheels? Aside from that, this looks pretty nice. Problem is front wheel drive and not sporty, like say a BMW1 series LOL!

  6. Sajan says:

    I’m not going to lie.. this is actually stunning. It looks as close to a coupe you can get whilst having a hatchback. The premium hatchback market actually has a good lineup. BMW 1, audi a3, volvo c30. This brings design to a whole new level though. I really like what Merc are doing with their design and I actually believe they have the best line up (design wise) at this moment in time. I still prefer BMW for the engineering underneath, but those looks are more than enough to take people away from the 1er A3 norm

  7. Now I know we’re all a little bias against MB, or any brand other than BMW, for that matter. Seriously though, this looks nothing like anything out on the streets. Nor does it look like any Mazda -___-. This is absolutely gorgeous.

    • Guest says:

      I may not look like current mazda’s but it sure looks like the new mazda concepts + some i8 influences too.

  8. Giom says:

    If the actual car looked anything like this concept, the One would have been in serious trouble. But it wont. They will dumb it down till it is production possible and then it will look like an ordinary car.

    I do have my doubts about the One, tho, like I said in a previous post, the shape is one thing, but, detail is another. And it’s in the detail that I hope the new One will shine, cause the shape seems a little (too) safe.

  9. Still a FWD, Still not an opponent for the RWD 1 series.

  10. La Ma says:

    looks a bit like the VW Scirocco. which is a great looking car. I like this too.
    MB has been a FWD/RWD/AWD manufacturer and their FWD cars are pretty cool. Now that BMW is going with FWD in a small car segment, it will be interesting to see how they compare.
    BMW can use the MINI as a platform which has been a really good FWD car.

  11. Yariv says:

    is it jus me or does look exactly like a audi maybe a1 from the back

  12. Happysharonchan says:

    Actually the taillights look like Audi Q5. But honestly, the lines on the side of the mercedes are more innovative than BMW nowadays. Hope that the new 1 series may beat it!

  13. Make no mistake this design is beautiful but iDoubt it will take 1er ppl. Let me put it this way, ”Mercedes-Benz is not for everybody but BMW is for everybody.”
    As much as Benz tries to do a 1er competitor, not many will leave 1er for A-Class. This car will lack the Joy of The Ultimate Driving Machine, which is the charisma that BMW has and that’s why people buy BMW over other brands, even over supercars.
    I don’t see myself in a Merc until iHave my first heart attack, it has an ”old man’s image”, only SL65, SLS and SLR can smell my pocket. But this design is on another level for Mercs.

  14. Ulrich says:

    GRIP, a German car TV show compared the BMW 118i Convertible to the Peugeot RCZ and VW Scirocco. Both the RCZ and Scirocco are FWD and they completely OUTCLASSED and OUTHANDLED the RWD BMW on the RACETRACK. All cars were driven by a professional race driver. The tester noted that of these cars, the BMW was the least responsive, least fun to drive (felt sluggish) and the RWD aspect didn’t help it on the track on bit.

    Seriously, guys, there are some great FWD cars out there. I myself drive a ’09 Golf GTI (and ’10 BMW 123d Coupe) which is FWD and I love it. My BMW is fun to of course.

    • wazon8 says:

      What do you mean by “outhandled”? It’s pretty hard to imagine that any car with heavy front end as in Scirocco or RCZ case could outhandle RWD car with close to 50/50 weight distrubution. They could have been faster on a track by having more powerful engines or weighting less, but saying that they could outhandle 118i is simply mistake. 118i convertible is 9.3 sec. from 0 to 62 mph and it’s much slower from CRZ’s 8 sec. (or even 7,5 sec.) and Sirocco’s 6,9 sec., so it shouldn’t be surprising that the first was slower on a track eighter.

      And to be honest, FWD cars are not great for very simple resons: they’ve got poor weight distribution, they’re always relatively slower in corners due to inability to power-sliding through them and they’re also much harder to control during skid. All of these make them simply slower cars when compared with RWD car of similar straight-line acceleration figures.

  15. Freudeking says:

    Unfortunately have to admit that this is an amazing design. I this goes into productoin, it will trash the new 1 Series hatch that is coming out at the end of this year as we can all see how boring the new 1 Series is going to be based on the spyphotos as the car looks almost identical to the current design whch is a FAIL in today’s times. This is the premum segment and looks is important. Why else do you think Audi isable to cose the gap between itself and BMW? I will buy ths over the coming 1 Series as I already now the new 1 is going to be a hell of a bore

  16. Ahmad Haziq says:

    This car has a lot of Audi and Volkswagen design elements… The thing is, we have no idea what or how the new 1er will look like so better keep it in the pocket first.

  17. Horatiu B. says:

    I personally have to say that the A Concept looks great. It’s a concept though, so if it goes into production, there will be plenty of changes.

    Still waiting to see the new 1 fully uncovered…It’s probably a safer design than we wanted, but the small details will set it apart. So I can’t judge until I see it

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