Exclusive: BMW 1M production – average of 60 units/month for U.S. market

1M | February 2nd, 2011 by 13
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Word just came down the pipe. The BMW 1 Series M Coupe production will run at 60 units per month for the U.S. market. Our …

Word just came down the pipe. The BMW 1 Series M Coupe production will run at 60 units per month for the U.S. market. Our sources indicate an 11 month production cycle which puts the total number of 1M vehicles produced for the U.S at 660 units.

There are a total of 365 BMW dealerships in the United States, so if our math is correct, that’s nearly 1.8 cars per year per dealer. Same source indicate some larger dealerships will likely get 2 or 3 units, while the smaller shops may only get 1 unit every 2-3 months.

Furthermore, the order bank for the 1M is already full at BMWNA and some dealerships with a large number of orders might have difficulties in filling in those purchase orders.

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Final pricing for all the options and packages will be released soon, and we are also anxiously waiting on information regarding the European Delivery allocation and pricing. The ED office has yet to determine if the allocation will come out of the dealerships’ bank or our favorite automotive program will actually get their own units for the year.

While the information above have not been confirmed by BMWNA, we have all the confidence in our source. Stay tuned for more information this week!

13 responses to “Exclusive: BMW 1M production – average of 60 units/month for U.S. market”

  1. pookie says:

    Your math is incorrect. That would be 1.8 per dealer TOTAL. For the year. Let’s hope this one time your source is wrong.

  2. Edox says:

    Hope you will be successful in buying one and also being part of the ED program. Make lots of vids to share if you do!

  3. Bob says:


  4. Drill says:

    Any idea what this means for possible BMW Military Sales allocations?

  5. M5Manny says:

    Amazing how people love to comment on here without having any knowledge.

    Drill: Military sales will have most likely come out of the Center’s normal allocation.

    Pookie: His source is correct.

  6. Alex says:

    Makes very little sense. BMW finally have a vehicle that has a potential to sell in large volumes, and they limit production to 660 units for USA? its like shooting yourself in a left nut. Moronic to say the least.

    • Clinton says:

      M cars are never designed for volume production. BMW sold about 13k 1 series last year. that works out to be less than 3 units per dealer per month.

      The 1M is more exensive, has a narrower customer demographic and a very, very specific niche market. Is a very nice car, but it doesn’t have “a potential to sell in large vloumes.”

      I am sure the discounts will be minimal on this car. It might be for once, an appreciable item. The last time BMW has a car that got collector status is the Z8, before that, E36 M3 Ltw. I thought the Z4Mcoupe was going to be one, but this 1M is something else i think.

  7. M5Manny says:

    Clinton: Very well put sir :-)

  8. Drill says:

    Any idea if Military Sales will get ANY allocations?

  9. Mracer says:

    If the purpose of this car is to appeal to the younger buyer, and the reviews are off the charts…… Why limit production???

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