2011 Auto Motor Und Sport Reader’s Choice: BMW 5 Series and MINI celebrate victories, Audi wins overall

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The new BMW 5 Series and the MINI brand celebrate two important victories in the 2011 readers’ polls initiated by the automotive German magazine Auto …

The new BMW 5 Series and the MINI brand celebrate two important victories in the 2011 readers’ polls initiated by the automotive German magazine Auto Motor Und Sport. Their “Best Cars of 2011” poll consists of several categories, from small premium vehicles to brand image, clean cars and advanced technology.

The new F10 BMW 5 Series secured the top spot in the Upper Middle class with 41.3 percent of the votes, ahead of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and Audi A6 / A7. Also encouraging is the excellent performance of BMW 1 Series, which has secured at the end of its model cycle, the second place in the compact class. Interestingly, the MINI Hatchback R56 was placed in a separate category from the Audi A1, therefore both cars took a win in the premium small car segments.

In one of the most important segments for the premium automakers, the middle class, the E9x 3 Series falls behind the Audi A4 and Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

BMW 5er F10 UK 031 655x417

At the top of the luxury segment, the BMW 7 Series falls short as well. Mercedes-Benz S-class took the win here. Even in the off-road, sports cars and convertibles sections, there were no awards BMW and MINI this year.

But this year’s top winner in the AMS readers’ choice can be considered to be Audi. The Ingolstadt-based automaker has several class wins for their A1, A4 / A5, Q5 and R8 Spyder models, the most wins among all the European automakers. In addition there are four other top 3 placings.

In the “build environmentally friendly cars,” BMW has been cited by 34 percent of the readers, and came to third place, behind Toyota (38%) and Volkswagen (35%). In one of the most important categories, “Advanced Technology”, BMW was voted by 62 percent of the readers, but came to second place slightly behind Audi.

Design category goes to Audi again, 56%, followed by BMW with 49%. When asked which cars brands are currently in vogue, readers awarded Audi with 89% of their votes, followed by BMW, 85%. VW is next with 78%, Mercedes 76% and Porsche 71%.

The full rankings and categories can be seen at Auto Motor Und Sport, unfortunately available in German only.

30 responses to “2011 Auto Motor Und Sport Reader’s Choice: BMW 5 Series and MINI celebrate victories, Audi wins overall”

  1. viper says:

    waiting for bmw asskissers response to this

  2. alen says:

    viper… so now you’re an Audi fan ?

  3. Br says:

    Audi id gradually becoming a more direct competitor of BMW, and may surpass BMW in the coming few years, or at audi’s own target, in 2015. For the 7 series, it loses to a competitor 5 years older than it, flagship? They did a great job in promoting the 1 series but i was shocked when I saw the 3 series lost to the A4r and and the C Class. Is this real? Maybe it is because of the material used in the Audi and MB are better and there are less OPTIONAL equipment which you have to pay extra for. Audi now is taking over BMW to be the ultimate driving machine with more driving pleasure, also better in quality, would BMW improve in the coming years? Can it stand against the strong force of Audi? If BMW comes our with great designs in the future, there’s less to be worried of, since the design of Audi is.. Merc seems to be far away from these two brands in terms of luxury as it’s interior is very well designed, grand and great materials are used. Seems that now even the Jaguar XJ does better than BMW’s flagship. But, i still think the 7 series is a very good looking vehicle although its interior is not what we expect.

    • FreudeKing says:

      This is what I have been saying all along. More and more people are thinking that Audi is a better choice in this premium market and we can see that from the A4 win. We all know that the 3 Series is a much better car in all aspects, but then the perceived brand image and desirability of Audi is higher than BMW. You may ask why this is and this is the reason: New management team losing their focus on what made BMW successful but instead are doing all they can to concentrate on things that are non core to the brand and even things that detroys the brand. Their attitude regarding the upliftment of BMW’s brand image (they said there was no need) and future prosects stinks. The introduction of FWD, their ignorance of customer complaints regarding run flat tyres and their cut on advertising as well as over advertising on essential, but non core issues like Efficient dynamics and Joy has lead to BMW slipping further and further away from its strong position that it once held before this bunch of idiotic management took over.

      BMW is Number 1 today becasue of its superb driving dynamics that renders every single model the ultimate driving machine in its class. It is not number one because it has a BMW badge. The BMW badge is a promise of the kind of products that the company offers, the promise of high quality and the best products. New management is now taking this badge and thinking how they can use this badge to generate more profits by slapping it on low quality products such as FWD cars, hoping that the badge will generate some short term boost to earnings and their own bonuses, while detroying the customers’ trust of this well known logo which has been a signal of quality and excellence for the past few decades!!!

      It is the attitude of giving your customers the best although they do not know what is needed to make the best that will make the company a success. This whole thing about Reithofer saying that 1 Series hatch drivers not knowing that their cars are RWD, so we wll give them inferior FWD so that we can profit more from them IS DISGUISTING! Ian Robertson’s comment about “no one has ever told him that a Mini was not fun to drive”, hoping to back their decision fo launching cheap FWD cars is also flawed – the question should be whether BMW believes FWD is a better set up than RWD and if he dares to say yes, then either all customers must go buy Audis or he must go work for VW. Lastly, they all know that they are doing damage to the BMW brand for short term gains as mentioned by Reithofer: “BMW is strong enough [to take this knock]”. Yet, they all do it to get short term gains at the expense of BMW’s prospects in the long term.

      While BMW is busy with self destruction and management being arrogant and ignorant, concentrating on non-core issues, Audi is taking advantage to push for creating a brand image that BMW used to hold (being very sporty and dynamic), making cars that the young generation look up and aspire to… like the R8. This has done wonders for the company. SO WHAT ELSE IS NOT CLEAR???? Customers in the market want sporty cars that have character and are of high quality. BMW has failed badly due to management’s vision not being in line with what customers want, decreasing competitiveness of their own products by the introduction of cost cutting strategies like backbone technology, a flawed electric steering that is now used in almost all new BMW cars. This means that BMW is no longer the BMW that customers know. It is no longer the ultimate driving machine. What’s worse is that management deliberately did that to earn profits.

      You know, this thing about them running a business is so wrong! Cutting cost without compromise of product quality and brand image is acceptable. But BMW has gone too far and they are doing it to the extent of self destruction! It is really a very sad period as the company is in the wrong hands! BMW’s tradition and corporate culture is no more. The sooner they get rid of this bunch, the better as they are the worms of the BMW Group. Look at the drop in market share TO AUDI since their strategy number one. People want to be heros, taking big risks, trashing decades of trusts, tradition and coporate cultures.

      Don’t ever forget: The BMW brand is th BMW we know today because of the great products it used to offer. BMW will fall if you try to short change the customer by cutting left, right and centre. This is clearly what’s happening at BMW.

  4. LAURENT says:


    I would like to share my experience of the french market and why, in my opinion, Audi is a leader in our country and why I think AUDI will become number one premium brands. I just want to add that I am loyal customer BMW (10 models in 20 years: 3 Series Coupe, 6 series, 3 series wagon ….). I agree that the Audi style is always the same since the A5, but at the same time, we must recognize that this is one of the most beautiful cars of all categories … while all the current Audi look like it is in my opinion not a handicap. Today I see that Audi actually advance technology from BMW (maybe less on MERCEDES) and on all fronts: GPS with google, full LED lights, electronics suspensions , even the engines who were better in BMW’cars do catch up by AUDI cf RS3, RS4, v6 diesel etc … I and I’m not talking about the finish … the materials are always best (except perhaps for the Series 5) … and ESPECIALLY he exudes luxury in a AUDI not found in our preferred brand … even on a AUDI model of low-end … it is really very impressive what they have succeeded in the last 10 years … see the inside of an AUDI A 1 compared to a series 1! Eg I want to take a concrete fact that can show you THE advance for this brand: I’ll change my station wagon 3 series in 6 months and I do not know yet how to model my choice will be: 5 Series, Audi A6, X3, Q5, A5 Sportback, coupé335 are my possibilities …! However, today I want an simple option that is comfortable one: the climatised seats . To my big surprise, I can not have this equipment on any BMW I’ve mentioned (except the 5 Series ) but without exception for ALL AUDI (A3 can even have it …) it is possible! I am ready to put 50/60 000 € in a car but I have no choice in BMW! ! this is just one example … in the same way, in terms of advertising … do you think when you’re ready to put + 50 000 € in a car, you want to agree the slogan : ”joy?” i think : NO ! the slogan of AUDI (sorry. ..) is much more in tune with us, buyers, keen on technology …. That is why, after 20 years of BMW, my next car will be (maybe …) an AUDI.

    PS: I also did not mention the perception ofbrand, which in France is now actually better at AUDI, most part successful as BMW or Mercedes. I think every market is different too …

    PS : sorry for my poor US language….

    Yours sincerely.


    • Horatiu B. says:

      Laurent, this is great feedback. Thank you. It’s always nice to hear how other markets see the premium brands. I have to agree also, BMW should be worried about Audi. They came a long way and their products are getting better and better, and they are not afraid to keep pushing the envelope

    • FreudeKing says:

      I agree with some parts of what you are saying but not all.

      The Audi A1 has an incredibly cheap interior. The instrument buttons are directly lifted from the VW Polo and the fit and finish on the standard A1 is extremely poor. The BMW 1 Series’ interior is of a much higher quality with better fit and finish than the A3 in general as well (with the exception of lower dash hard plastics used in th 1).

      As for BMW’s marketing strategy. I completely agree with you. JOY WHAT??? I think it is SO stupid. My reaction of opening the newspaper with a BMW ad is: “NOT THIS BS AGAIN” Every single ad from BMW and BMw dealerships are “Joy is this, Joy is that, bla bla bla” I DON’T NEED BMW TO TELL ME WHAT JOY IS. IT IS MEANINGLESS AND IT IS IRRITATING ME! For those who are not in love with BMW, they would probably have created a negative feeling towards the brand. If you are going to advertise something, make it wothwhile for us to read. I want to know what YOUR PRODUCT OFFERS, then I will decide FOR MYSELF whether it will tickle my fancy. BUT IT IS HIGHLY IRRITATING to read thses meaningless JOY JOY JOY and expect me to be motivated to buy a BMW! HOW STUPID!

      What I want to see from a BMW ad is what they have done to make this the ultimate driving machine, what technology they have used to make this car drive better, better quality, better STYLING. Advertising efficient dynamics as the main reason to buy a BMW is also flawed because when I compare it to an equivalent Audi, the difference in fuel consumption is so small that it is not worth noting!

      It is all about perception. We all know that Audis are not better cars than BMWs. But Audi is making customers feel that they are sportier, they know how to make cars like the R8 and tehy are motivating the public to buy their cars with extensive advertising in movies, etc. BMW’s new management team needs to go…. The next generation for the premium market has already made their choice (Audi), just ask any student what their favourite car is and for those who mention cars from this segment, it will mostly be Audi. This is what BMW has done in the past 5 years with new managemen, self destruction!

      • JakeM says:

        “The Audi A1 has an incredibly cheap interior. The instrument buttons are directly lifted from the VW Polo and the fit and finish on the standard A1 is extremely poor.”

        I assume you’re in the US and have never ever seen an Audi A1 or a new VW Polo. So please tell me how you can come to this conclusion based on…oh, a bunch of press photos and your own heavily BMW-biased opinion.

        • wazon8 says:

          I saw both of them (Polo and A1) and believe me or not, these cars are cheap. It’s nothing wrong that Polo is cheap, since it was supposed to be a cheap car, but A1 – disappointing. Yes, I live in Europe and drive at Autobahn almost everyday.

          Needless to say that it’s only in VW group (at least in Europe) where degree of sharred parts is so high. And it, of course, should go against image of premium brand, but somehow it doesn’t in the case of Audi. I even suspect that the reason why Audi is so popular in Germany is that it’s relatively cheap to maintain. I mean those models that share all technological parts with VW conterparts are as cheap to maintain as VW cars. You can literary buy parts even with Skoda logo and they will fit and will be of the same quality. But still due to advertising campaigne (pretty crude in my eyes) they got image of premium cars comparable with BMW. People then got both: a car with image and cheapness of maintenance. I made such hypothesis basing on which models of Audi I find the most popular at German roads and most of them – only my exprience, not statistics – are exactly those VWs in disguise. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to deny that all Audis are not comparable to any BMW, I’m far from that since S4 is pretty good car, similarly as RS4. But people need to be mad, when they’re convinced that they buy something premium, while bying low-end models of A1, A3 or A4. It’s as if someone was convinced that VW Polo or Golf or Passat are premium cars, are they? The case looks especially poor in case of A1, since it shares parts with VW Polo, Skoda Fabia (to those who don’t know this car, it’s the most popular car among beginners as business agents in Middle Europe), Seat Ibiza. Similar story goes for A3, which shares parts with VW Golf, Seat Leon, Skoda Octavia and for A4 – VW Passat, Seat Toledo and Skoda Superb. One can say whatever one wants, but Skoda is really far from any premium brand and still you can buy all parts for it that will fit to its Audi counterpart. The mere difference is interior quality and body design, but technology is the same. Is this kind of difference worth the price tag Audi put on their cars? I don’t think so.

          • FreudeKing says:

            @JakeM: I don’t live in th US and I have driven the A1 a few times already. It is a very light car but handles poorly. I don’t know what else you can classify the inetrior except for calling it cheap. When I say it is lifted from the Polo. I mean it is lifted from the Polo, using the exact same VW Polo quality and instruments. The A1 that I drove is my friend’s sister’s car, and she is 18. She obviously is very happy about her first car, thinking that it is cute. But the mere fact that this is basically a dressed up VW Polo selling at Mini prices (Mini is pedigree premium) just makes me sick. It is amazing how unethical some businesses can be. They should not count Audi’s A1, A3, A4 ad A5 as part of the premium rank analysis.

  5. LAURENT says:

    i agree with yours comments and analysis… !
    and its a shame because driving a bmw is really a great pleasure but its not enough in our world… the only hope is when we see the 5 series which is, in my opinion the only model who can be compared with audi…

    we have to hope BMW ‘s direction can undestand they re wrong…


  6. Empower says:

    the 3 series is 6 years old for god sack. people buy audis because they are cheaper simple. they kid there selfs that they are buying a car in the class of bmw or mercedes, but they are buying rebadged vws. the tt and r8 have done wonders for the brand the designs are safe and have good interiors. but the day a fwd or a awd audi beats a bmw on the road then ill eat my hat. if audi cant take over take bmw when the 1 and 3 are comi8ng to the end of there lifes and they have a sub compact a1 they never will. you guys in the us will keep audi of the top. bmw is catching audi in Asia and will over take them in europe again when the 5 and x3 are fully online

  7. Empower says:

    i most say tho the a5 looks better and more of a car then the current 3 coupe even tho most you see on the road are fwd

  8. bmwFan says:

    who’d want to purchase a 328x when they can get a cheaper and better a4? BMW has lost its marbles….

  9. L. Hamilton says:

    AUDI FTW!!!

  10. TORZECK says:

    I agree with Freude King and Laurent , the problem for BMW is not that Audi is making superior anything, its just BMW needs to remind the consumer/public what it takes to make and be a BMW: superior engineering , superior dynamics and leading edge vision. All of us Bimmer fans know about the Megacity’s CF chassis but the public at large does not.

    BMW designs are distinctive and sometimes challenging but in a world of sameness they try to push and end up winning as the BMW design language has been so copied.BMW also has innovative original details as well- BMW had distinctive headlamps with their coronal rings way before Audi’s lower LED eyelashes. BMW has it all and just needs to express it to remind everyone of their innovations.Its like earthquake preparedness in Los Angeles, the media needs to tell everyone to be ready all the time as new residents are always coming in.

    The other phenomenon we’re witnessing is Audi is the underdog clawing up the mountain to try to dethrone BMW. When a company is on top everyone is aiming for it.
    I also agree with the other comment, Audis are cheaper. Audi has really done their best to communicate they are an alternative to BMW and most consumers are not very technical so, they just believe it and therefore buy the cheaper Audi.

    Finally, I know all the car companies are starting to lose brochures in favor of all electronic catalogues, but I miss the thick books that BMW used to produce. Not only was the product laid out comprehensively there was also a technical glossary sort of section that explained all the technologies a BMW includes.
    I say add this section back in to the electronic brochures!

  11. LAURENT says:


  12. Brett says:

    BMW needs to turn out a new 3 series the current model has been around too long and is losing its heat its about time for some change

  13. Dude says:

    These are the readers of one German magazine. VW is known for actually paying (german) journalists to write up favourable reviews of their cars, up to the point where journalists face legal trouble. This, combined with massive advertising, shifts perceived reality in favour of Audi. Depending on model their cars may be on par with BMW’s, but reader polls like this are nonsense. How many of the participants have ever driven an SLS or Ferrari California or any of the more “worldly” models for a comparison? How many of those readers have the technical background to make an educated statement about environmental friendliness or other technical topics?
    Polls like these only show how well a company’s marketing works. Sadly, VW is known for being shameless in this field.

    • Bence says:

      AMuS is the greatest german magazine with detailed information on every aspects of car industry.
      So a poll among them is not only feedback for the marketing spendings.

      Bytheway, this ‘old’ 3er Touring won in a test in AutoBild (Nr2/2011) against Volvo V60 and A4 Avant. The cars had 2.0 liter diesel engines, this is the most important section of premium middle class cars in Europe. BMW had the better engine and dynamics, Audi had the better comfort and more spacious body, they were the same in price. About quality impressions Audi and BMW are the same.

      For me the facelifted 3er is still first choice, followed by C-class and only after that comes the A4.

  14. viper says:

    so its not the AUDI who makes SUCH GOOD cars today but its the BMW who lost its touch and makes lets say not so good cars today?!
    well….that could make sense , I dont see any reason why should A6 be better than 5 , except it looks better and feels better when your just sitting in it , the A8 and 7er , for me A8 looks way ahead , in fact its so good looking (and probably drives good) that Id choose that over 7er because that car attracts me way way more than established flagship 7 series.
    and who said audi cars are cheap and cheaper in this in that….and btw these days your paying way too much for just a badge , a perfect example is a bmw car , any model , your getting half the car and just the badge who doesn’t shine bright and sparkly anY MORE.

  15. Dude says:

    No it’s not feedback about marketing spendings, but about marketing success. Audis are fine cars, any competitor would be stupid to deny that. But their marketing is blowing their standing out of proportion. VW’s marketing is shameless, as I said it’s bordering on the illegal.

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