G-Power to give the BMW M3 GTS over 600 horsepower

BMW M3 | January 21st, 2011 by 13
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Press Release: The BMW M3 GTS seams to have all it takes for being the ultimate BMW M3: lightweight body parts, carbon aerodynamic parts, titanium …

Press Release: The BMW M3 GTS seams to have all it takes for being the ultimate BMW M3: lightweight body parts, carbon aerodynamic parts, titanium exhaust, racing suspension, roll cage and racing bucket seats for six-point seatbelts. BMW is right when they call it an “extreme athlete for street and racetrack”.

But there is one thing it is missing. The ultimate output. An additional 30 hp compared to the standard BMW M3, that costs just half the price of the M3 GTS, is not too bad, but the ultimate output for the M3 GTS can only be provided by G-POWER.

That is why the first couple of BMW M3 GTS, out of the limited edition of 220 unites, have started to arrive at G-POWER for their output enhancement. A specially adapted version of G-POWER’s SK II CS supercharger system pushes the factory output of 450hp to a more suitable 6XXhp.

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After this modification the BMW M3 GTS can finally show the armada of Porsche 911 GT3 RS who’s the boss at the various clubsport racing events.

Right now the first of the announced BMW M3 GTS has just arrived at G-POWER. Two more are already on their way. So a little piece of advice for the “competitors” of the G-POWER trained BMW M3 GTS: prepare yourself for a rough ride…

Precision Sport is the official installer for G-Power in the United States.

[Source: G-Power]

13 responses to “G-Power to give the BMW M3 GTS over 600 horsepower”

  1. Yup, the 6XX HP would be much much more suitable ;))) I see no competition there for this monster :)

  2. John says:

    WOW!!! Cant wait for the BEAST to be tested against all its rivals…prepare to go down Co and friends

  3. Alex says:

    G-Power z4 gtr

  4. ZHPRegistry says:

    This should finally provide an answer to the Nissan GR-R. Though I would expect a very hefty price tag for the car.

  5. viper says:

    pity…you wont see this car very often.

  6. Roland Renno says:

    BMW Motorsort could have unleashed 600bhp from this car without forced induction a la Ascari A10 with its 625bhp from the BMW S62 5.0 litre V8. Though 450bhp was the reasonable amount of horsepower needed for this BMW M3 GTS.

    BMW Power

  7. peter says:

    This is massive power for the road. Unless you’re driving in a rural area, you won’t get very far before the police pull you over. Very nice to have though.

  8. paul says:

    East is Least and West is Best , in a day dream fantsay the U.S. is divided down the middle and unites with western Canada including Alaska , then in the restructurings of the new country we bring in the Germans to help us build the super highly controled , Western Cordillera Autobhan Routes , then we could drive fast for hundreds or thousands of miles . Anchorage to L.A. 3401 or 3667 miles depending on the route taken . Examples like this M-3 GTS and the G-power Hurricanes and Alpina’s would be more usefull .

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