Video: Autocar compares the BMW M3 against the Audi RS5

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One of the most popular car comparisons these days is the one between the BMW M3 Coupe and Audi’s latest RS5. According to Autocar, the …

One of the most popular car comparisons these days is the one between the BMW M3 Coupe and Audi’s latest RS5. According to Autocar, the Audi RS5 is slightly quicker than the M3 and Audi’s best car after the R8.

Here are the technical specs of the two sporty coupes.

The M3 is powered by the S65B40 engine, a naturally aspirated, high revving 4-liter V8 (based on the S85B50 5-liter V10 that powers the E60/E61 M5 and the E63/E64 M6 to date) delivering 414 horsepower (309 kW; 420 PS) at 8,300 rpm and peak torque of 400 Nm (300 lb-ft) at 3,900 rpm.

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Based on the A5 coupe, RS5’s 4.2-liter V-8 makes 450 hp at 8250 rpm – coincidentally, about 30 horsepower over the 4.0L V8 of the M3 – and maximum torque is 317 lb-ft, available between 4000 and 6000 rpm. The hand-built engine is direct-injected and closely related to the 420-hp V-8 which powers the R8 supercar.

Top speed is electronically governed at 155 mph or 174 mph, spec’d to your order. Zero to 62 mph is accomplished in a claimed 4.6 seconds.

Enjoy the video!

19 responses to “Video: Autocar compares the BMW M3 against the Audi RS5”

  1. plaxico says:

    well right bout now M3 is a maintenance shop ,problems with
    1.Faulty idle valve
    2.DCT Malfunction
    3.Noisy Diff
    4.Left/Right brake lamp malfunction
    5.Replacing the engine
    RS5 is freely cruising to Hvar or Brijuni.The sun, the sea, surfing, pretty girls aaaaall day long baby

    • BMW Fans says:

      plaxico,if BMW release E92 M3 CSL,then the new CSL could shoot Audi RS5’s ass and beat it down!

    • wazon8 says:

      Plaxico, you seemed to loss your contact with reality. DTC malfunction or rather DTC software malfunction was resolved once it was reported. Faulty valve problem concerned rather M3 e46, not M3 e92. What is engine replacement supposed to mean? That they don’t last over 200.000km? Then that’s not bad as for high performance and high rev. engine. If you mean something other by it, then it’s hard to find customers complains on engines too early replacement. Man, stop putting your diesel owner criteria to sport cars.

    • Murph says:

      The RS5 is cruising freely until the Direct Injection system causes massive carbon build up and the engine has to be torn down, scrubbed and rebuilt after 15,000 miles?

      • FreudeKing says:

        Too bad these VWs will never be as pure as an M3. What’s the point of coming up with RS badges (the same as Toyota sporty versions of their cars btw) when it’s all VW logos when you open the hood. VW clearly thinks their customers are fools, and if they buy this, then they definitely are.

        The fact of the matter is that the RS5 is an M3 wannabe. They try to do it by cheating, like using 4WD etc, like they did in some races decades ago when the rest of the field were RWD/FWD cars. (see, VW tends to lovecheating and fooling people) If I wanted to buy a 4X4 Audi, I would have purchased the Q5. If I want a sports car, I will not settle for a 4X4 and most certainly not nose heavy Audi badged VW’s with big unreliable VW engines.

        People who cannot afford an M3 or don’t have the skills to drive an M3 will go for this VW. By the way, efficincy numbers??? This quattro AWD thing drinks petrol like crazy. Also, I don’t know what the hype about this old technology comes from, it’s decades old and it has almost not changed at all. Compared to BMW’s xDrive system, this is really outdated. I actually think that Audi AWD cars are terrible, I drove one last month and every time you put your foot off the gas pedal, it’s liek you tapping on the brakes slightly – there’s so much friction in the drivetrain! No such problems with BMWs.

        • Xdrive says:

          I agree 200% BMW’s Xdrive is a much better system, much smarter then the audi’s. The only reason audi is market leader in AWD is because they only sell AWD(almost). BMW was market leader untill 2009 in the AWD segment, and they offer RWD but you can also buy AWD and that is a much better 4×4 then the audi’s…
          so don’t have your head up your ass people! if you love driving you go for the BMW and not for de audi which is helping you with everything! it isn’t about driving anymore!

    • StraightSix says:

      Shut the f*** up with this Hvar of yours already and the sun and sea and whatever

  2. wazon8 says:

    Is rs5 little a bit quicker? This is the first review that ends with such statement. These guys should learn how to drive before judge. Putting aside fact that it seemed that M3 didn’t have place to overtake in corners, track numbers are in contradiction with their verdict: M3 took 1 sec. advantage on Hockenheim Short, 0,6 sec. on Autozeitung Test Track and 1,4 sec. on Balocco. Perhaps, they meant “RS5 is faster… in our hands”.

  3. Tom says:

    the rs5 is repulsive. every audi is at that matter, since they all the SAME!

  4. n8n says:

    Ok, RS5 maight be faster, but it has 4×4 + 45PS more, and anyway – these cars are made to get FUN, so BMW won in my humble opinion :) it’s also prettier ;)))

    • FreudeKing says:

      How can they compare lap times with the M3 behind an RS5? They should try the other way around. Besides, these people are not even professionals!

  5. jmlbmw says:

    The M3 didn’t have the Competition Package, which would have given it much better handling in the corners. Good Comparison.

  6. Stu Izdaman says:

    But did you guys notice how the M3 was drifting out of the corners in the opening bits of the clip? What a great driver’s car! RS5 tops in straight line speed( it should, its more powerful and three years younger) but it still cant top the M3s handling prowess. oh and F@%K plaxico (what is this? an abreviation of plastic-cock?)

    • FreudeKing says:

      lol. now I know why plaxico is so against BMW, because he is jealous of BMW owners and fans. Plaxico is defending these VW’s because he can associate himself with VW plastics in this Audi badged VW.

  7. Alex says:

    Lousy comparo. Seriously, who puts one car behind the other for comparison on the road where you can barely pass? Having said that, I believe them when they say its the best car Audi made after R8. I just don’t believe one bit that it is better than M3. Oh, and it is ugly as sh!t.

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