BMW Vision Concept gets the greenlight. To be built at Leipzig plant

green bmw sports car based on vision efficientdynamics concept rendering 100233988 l1 750x500

Back in January, we reported that the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics was rumored to be receiving the production go-ahead for 2013 launch. Today, German magazine Auto …

Back in January, we reported that the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics was rumored to be receiving the production go-ahead for 2013 launch.

Today, German magazine Auto Motor Und Sport, quoting sources close to BMW, confirm our initial assumptions. The beautiful VED goes in production in 2013 and will be built at the Leipzig plant.

The interesting news come from powerplant used in the first models. According to the same magazine, initially, the VED production car will be powered by a combustion engine.

At a later date, the hybrid version of the same car will follow. The powertrain which has been heavily tested this summer will be using a three-cylinder 1.5 liter engine, aided by two electric motors.

green bmw sports car based on vision efficientdynamics concept rendering 100233988 l1 655x413

Rendering by MotorAuthority and Schulte Design

The intelligent combination of these units, together with precisely controlled energy management, simultaneously enhances the dynamic performance and the efficiency of the car. Overall system output is 356 horsepower, and peak torque is 590 lb-ft.

According to a BMW executive, the total volume continues we should expect varies between 5,000 and 10,000 units.

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  1. Jack says:

    “According to the same magazine, initially, the VED production car will be powered by a combustion engine.”

    Introducing….. The BMW SuperCar ….. :-)

  2. X5SoB says:

    The initial “combustion engine” should be something memorable, like the V-10. But, I fear it’s probably going to be the twin turbo six…

  3. Ben says:

    Originally, I was excited that BMW was first to have this “vision”, merging performance with hybrid.

    But Porsche stole the thunder with its 918 Spyder, which is almost sold out on its planned production run. With a 500+ hp V8 and 200+ hp electric motor, it shows the world what performance and efficiency is all about.

    BMW can say whatever it wants but the fact remains that it doesn’t have a supercar. Audi, Mercedes, Porsche and even Lexus have one.

    • Shincai says:

      This BMW doesn’t need to have a 500+ hp V8 to be fast….

    • Jack says:

      Yeah but look at the price of the Porsche and the Lexus.
      These are both cars that might be bought and sold out but hardly ever driven.
      This BMW will be an everyday drivable supercar that will most likely match if not beat the performance of the two previously mentioned and for less the cost.


    • wazon8 says:

      Since when V8 is efficient engine? Come on, the point of this VED is to combine performance with VERY low fuel consumption, neither of cars mentioned by you provide as low fuel consumption as VED does. And as such it’s primary task wasn’t to be traditional supercar.

      But according to number of rumors there will be version of VED with 3.0TT 450hp engine plus two elecric motors. This one can be taken to be BMW supercar. Or the one mentioned above with combustion engine only. I bet it’s V12 TT. I doubt that there gonna be only one version of VED.

      And why should BMW have a supercar? In order to fullfil hopes of some – perhaps childish – enthusiasts? In order to provide you an answer on childish arguements comming from people like plaxico or viper? I can deal with fact that there is no supercar from BMW since I used to think about them as makers of sportive sedans or coupes. Nevertheless they showed that their M3 based race-refined car can win 24h races or even LeMans championship over all these supercars that you’re so excited about.

      • Daniel Hoang says:

        Ford was able to make 26MPG with a 412hp Naturally Aspirated 5.0 V8 with a 6 speed manual. Thats better than the Twin Turbo 335is and it out preforms it as well. BMW just needs to borrow and imporve on detroits new engine tech and Im sure we can still have NA ///M cars for the near future.

        • wazon8 says:

          That’s not the point, we need something more efficient than 26MPG. BTW, how has this Ford been driven? In most of times, I cannot reach fuel consumption declared by carmakers, unless I drive the way that makes me dying because of bore. In this case BMW’s declaration are pretty accurate. When I bought 330d e46 in past I couldn’t believe that its fuel consumption could be 7.5 litre/100km and then I recognized that one can reach this consumption during normal, not heavily boring, driving. I suspect that this |Ford will have this consumption, if it will be driven the way that almost nobody will drive it. From my own experience, I find BMW more efficient than any Ford I know, but we don’t have this V8 in Europe, so it’s hard to say.

    • 6ornothin says:

      Sad but sooo true. And 2 make matters worst , the ved been around for 2 years now and by 2013, audi, mb, porshe and lexus will already have dominated the market and they will most likely be on their revised versions. I love u BMW but your’re late to the party.

      • Jack says:

        Audi, Mercedes & Lexus ain’t dominating ish.
        Porsche might but the other three…. Ha
        They will need revised version just to ne mentioned in the same breathe as this upcoming BMW supercar. The R8 V8 can’t even “dominate” the current M3 which cost half the price.

      • wazon8 says:

        Dominate market of non-profitable in most cases (Audi) supercars? Man, it’s not a 3-er, so domination is not something we should worry about!

  4. bmwFan says:

    who cares about this car, and the green fanatics that cry about cars polluting the environment while the batteries that go into making these electric cars pollute the planet even more. the world is one fucked up place……

    • wazon8 says:

      I care aobut it, even if I agree that being obsessed by CO2 emission and not paying attention to batteries is irrational. You don’t need to be in eco-fever to see the point of this car. It simply helps to make motorization industry independent of fuel supplies from politically unpredictable countries. Moreover, the faster works on new powertrains start, the better for future of motorization. It’s close to being obvious that fuel sources are not ethernal. What I find is neglected is a lobby in favour of engines powered by hydrogen. Another point of irrationality of people in eco-fever. Nevertheless, new solutions need not to be see only from eco perspective.

      • Artmic says:

        The funny thing is people say that oil isn’t renewable, but when you start digging for that stuff at a depth of 10km, that is where you have to question the theory of how oil is created… because there are no fossils of dinosaurs/plant life 10KM deep lol

      • Doug says:

        There’s irrational and self-motivated people on both sides. There was a guest on Bill Mar last week who made a good point — the global warming proponents *presupposed* the solution. So, there may be better solutions out there, but we’re committed to battery-powered stuff which isn’t as ideal as Hydrogen is, and not nearly as much of an impact as saving the rain forests, sea algae, etc. However, it could be that it fits as part of a larger strategy including economy, creating jobs, keeping detroit in the game, etc.

        Personally, I think batteries are a losing game because of the economics and pollution just in manufacturing the things. They had viable composite electromechanical flywheels (porsche 918??) for at least two decades now, they use them for energy storage in satellites/rockets, large-scale power storage supporting grids, etc.

  5. Wooo hoo. says:

    Fack CO2 emissions! Drop a petrol/Diesle in this thing and it has the potential to be the BMW supercar that it needs to be. I would even say that a internal combustion engine would sell more than the ‘green’ one that’s in it now. Can anyone say 850? or even………M1?!

  6. Kenee says:

    This story is not true. BEWARE!!!!!!

  7. Roland Renno says:

    Previous speculations has hinted out that BMW considers producing a supercar. Should this virtual theory be true, then I reckon this car to deliver a sufficient amount of horsepower and torque. Although the Hybrid theory contradicts the use of high CO2 emissions, that could still be feasible for the car to feature a high pressure twin-turbo inline-six cylinder in addition to a Hybrid three-cylinder like the one found on the Concept.

  8. mpower says:

    bnw has no super car but they have been build the rolls royce brand from the ground up. also mini. The m6 and m3 m5 can take on most supercars anyway.
    now rolls royce is up and running you will see the birth of the M1 the god help ferrari lol

  9. lboogy says:

    This car is perfect because its eco friendly and eco fast as hell!

  10. Brett says:

    BMW NEEDS a supercar soon! Why? Just for the hell of if! Screw economy to hell, and as Jacks said, the car most likeley is just going to sit in a garage. We need to be able to compete with the big Italian carmakers again. No stinky M3 crap can compete with a California!

  11. David says:

    You are right Wason – the world does NOT need ANOTHER super car. What we really need now are cars that everyday people can drive without needing to apply for a lifetime bank loan. And BMW needs to be at the forefront of automotive innovation because, frankly, they have lost the plot in tlhe last few years by turning out cars for computer nerds instead for real drivers, not to mention their derivative styling and the former 7 series Bangle Bungled Bimmer.

    With BMW’s healthy R&D budget and engineering savvy, they should focus on building an ALL electric. This business about putting in a V8 or V whatever ice engine on board with electric motors is B.S. With the range offered by new battery technology that is advancing EVERY day, they can do something that is TRULY spectacular. I mean if a small start up company like Tesla Motors can turn out a successfull all electric car then surely BMW can?

    And for those who ask “why not hydrogen?” Well batteries are here NOW. We can’t wait for Hydrogen – VERY energy intensive in the making, expensive, and has all kinds of storage and infrastructure issues to say the least. Batteries CAN be recycled and they are finding new ways to make them more and more eco friendly every day.
    Cheers! And may an affordable ALL electric be in your near future!

  12. timwilliamsbiz says:

    Hell YES,,,,,and build a nice sport car at BMW South Carolina USA Plant !!

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