BMW M5 ends its production lifespan with a new record high

BMW M5 | July 7th, 2010 by 15
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Press Release: After being on sale on the global automotive market for five successful years, the BMW M5 has ended its production lifespan with a …

Press Release: After being on sale on the global automotive market for five successful years, the BMW M5 has ended its production lifespan with a new record high. The BMW M GmbH produced a total of 20,548 of the charismatic high-performance sports car featuring a V 10-cylinder power unit.

The BMW M5 Saloon is accountable for 19,523 of these, with the BMW M5 Touring, which was first launched in 2007, contributing a further 1025 units towards the overall result. This means that even the production figures of the predecessor model, which was manufactured for a period of six years, have been surpassed. The BMW M GmbH sees this record result as a further chapter in the success story of a remarkable automobile, which reaches back as far as the year 1984. 26 years ago we saw the launch of the first BMW M5 – this also marking the birth of the high-performance saloon segment.

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Drive and suspension technology inspired by motor sports combined with the spaciousness and travelling comfort of a midrange saloon car: When the first BMW M5 was launched, this concept brought about an entirely new vehicle category. With M-specific aesthetics and thanks to uncompromising premium quality, the new model was at the same time the first high-performance sports car designed for use in everyday traffic conditions. With the fifth generation of the BMW M5, this combination achieved a level of fascination it had never reached before. A V10 high-revving 373 kW/507 bhp engine, sequential M transmission Drivelogic with seven gears and Launch Control for maximum acceleration from a standstill, variable, engine speed-dependent M differential lock as well as model-specific suspension technology, including Electronic Damper Control (EDC) and a compound brake unit, guarantee the BMW M5’s outstanding performance characteristics. High-quality equipment features, which include innovative driver assistance systems such as Adaptive Headlights and M-specific Head-up Display, underline its premium character.

As an all-round athlete, dominating both the highly dynamic sprint and longer distances, the latest generation, too, is capturing a unique position within the competitive environment. In 2007, the saloon, which was also dubbed by the media as a “businessman’s express”, was joined by the BMW M5 Touring. This model offered a second body variant that enriched the character of the sports car, which was unrestrictedly suitable for everyday use, with additional facets.

The USA also proved to be the most crucial sales market for the fifth generation of the BMW M Saloon. 8,800 vehicles were sold in the United States. Ahead of the German market (1,647 units), Great Britain and Ireland developed the greatest demand on the European continent with 1,776 vehicles sold. Japan (1,357 units) takes fourth place among the most significant markets for the BMW M5 Saloon, followed by Italy (512). The BMW M5 Touring enjoyed the greatest popularity in Germany (302 units), Great Britain and Ireland (208) and in Italy (184).

A distinctive feature of both models is the 5-litre, ten-cylinder engine with a high-revving concept. The power unit, which was conceived using comprehensive expertise derived from motor sports, develops maximum output at an engine speed of 7,750 rpm, disclosing its unique character in particular through enormous pulling power that remains available across a remarkably broad speed range. Its exceptional position has been underlined by numerous awards. For example, in the years 2005 and 2006, the V10 engine seized overall victory twice in succession at the “Engine of the Year Awards” as well as first place during each of the two following years in the engine category exceeding a cubic capacity of 4 litres. Even after completion of the BMW M5’s production lifespan, the 10-cylinder engine continues to fascinate in a very special way. The exceptional power unit with identical power output and performance characteristics is currently featured in both the BMW M6 Coupe and the BMW M6 Convertible. The limited BMW M6 Competition Edition offers a particularly elegant way of expressing the high-performance coupe’s superior dynamics. A unique BMW Individual Frozen Grey paint finish and an individual interior design provide the coupe with an exclusive high-quality ambience. The BMW Individual full Merino leather trim is available either in black with light grey contrast seams or in the bi-colour version Silverstone/Black with light grey and black contrast seams. In both cases, the coupe’s individual character is underlined by doorsill trims boasting the “M6 Competition” logo.

The coupe’s high performance oriented profile is additionally enhanced by modifications to the suspension. Revised tuning of springs, dampers and stabilisers, lowering of the suspension by 12 mm at the front and 10 mm at the rear in conjunction with M forged alloy wheels featuring a double spoke design and a special combination of tyres, result in noticeably optimised lateral and longitudinal dynamics. Management of the suspension systems, the EDC Electronic Damper Control, the track and camber values as well as the characteristic map of the variable M differential lock have been perfectly adapted to match the suspension modifications.

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15 responses to “BMW M5 ends its production lifespan with a new record high”

  1. Ah too bad, the E60 M5 was a damn fast car. I’m sure the next M5 will be equally impressive.

  2. Laszlo says:

    As ugly as it has been, it was am excellent car to drive. The weak point was the SMG transmission which lacked the refinement a sedan this expensive deserved.
    A new M5 with a dual clutch transmission will solve that but the V10 is gone. Sure the TT V8 will make more power, but the V10’s high revving and shrieking noise will not be duplicated with that Turbo muffled V8.
    This M5 was the last normally aspirated and most likely the one with a most cylinders. A future high performance developments point to a small 6 cylinder engines with turbo/supercharger and hybrid/electric assistant.
    I’m sure they will match or even surpass the power capacity, the sound, the refinement, the exotic spec will not be matched.
    I drove the E60 M5 several times and came away impressed with its performance and in many occasion it was on the track. I was able to almost match the times of the E92 M3 even though this car is much larger, heavier and “older”.
    With 3 passengers on board it was still solid and wiling, never to feel lethargic or underpowered, always ready to go sideways and scream that V10 all the way to redline. It needed at least 6000rpm to really show what it can do, but if you kept the rev to climb higher before shifts, then you found its sweet spot.
    On the road the car easily handled any situation from soccer practice to home depot runs. Large trunk and spacious interior made sure you had all space you need. The luxury department was equally impressive with adaptive shocks, navigation, iDrive, fine leather seats which could hold you comfortably at turn 11 @ 110mph and also on a 8 hour Disney Road trip.
    Every time you drove the car you had the urge to rip it open and take it to the limit, to let the engine rev high with DSC turned off. Burning a rubber, doing long sideway slides, fast drifting was always easy and safe in this car.
    At times when I reached a deep 3 digit speed I knew that a car just arrived to its original intended stage. Braking from 140mph to less then 80mph several times – sure no trouble, accelerating between turns with full throttle, no problem. When the track times was over, I collected the helmet, the tools, the air tank, the blanket, the cooler, the stroller and wife and 2 kids and was ready to go home.
    Have I ever felt that I needed faster car on a track ? Nope, it was always undermanned, as talent ran out before power did. Have I ever felt that I needed a bigger car on the street ? Nope again. Always ready to swallow everything I ever needed.
    Had it not been ruined by bungle with the ugly toad style, it would have been one of the greatest car of all times.
    I sure miss this car with its ugly face and bungle butt… sort of like a ugly girlfriend who was the best in a bed kitchen and also had a successful carrier :-)

    oh well…

  3. M5POWER says:

    The E60 M5, will be the legend. The high-revving 5.0L V10 producing 507PS and 520Nm is unforgettable with its sweet sound and performance. It can get you from 0-60 in 4.5s is mind boggling. Drinks a lot though(at approx. 15.4 mpg)! Even though the CTS-V seem a tad faster, the E60 is still the very best choice with the quality.

    The SMG meanwhile, was the best performance gearbox(shifting speed at around 0.3s) that you can get that time, while now its lacking a lot with the arrival of the DCT. The harshness of the shifting is compromising the comfort to travel around the town but despite that, it’s still a one of a kind gearbox. 7-Speed in a road car, is just crazy. The M5 has it… Well, most cars on the road nowadays are equipped with 8-Speed already.

    The handling wise, mind you this car is very heavy, 1.8 ton so with the braking ability, cornering like a Ferrari F430 is such a dream. Sometimes I can only dream of it but it became a reality.

    So overall, the 4th generation is such a success. Combining the balance of handling, power and comfort all in one. The best that you can find out there… May the E60 rest together with the E39 and time to welcome the F10 to the family. Still a lot of E60 M5s out there you know.


  5. Mr. K says:

    I don’t know why so many of you find it ugly but for me it was a revolutionary, bold and inspiring design. In my opinion it was perhaps the most fluid, round BMW ever made. Maybe the new Z4 rivals it now. The only thing I didn’t really appreciate was the fact that the rear end looked too big, but that’s most likely because I’m not fond of anything larger than a 3er :)

    • Laszlo says:

      why do most people find it ugly ? Because it was. Everything that came out of bungle’s hand was most ugly, some are hideously ugly some are just pure ugly.
      The E60 was and is and hopefully will be one of the worst design ever. It took the 2002 7 series styling and deformed it even more. It was horrible inside as well. That dash looked so plain and blank, could have came out of a 88-94 Lincoln Continental. The trunk lid looked like an afterthought, the front headlamps were a bad chinese eyes jap’s car copy.
      Nothing even remotely looked good quality in the inside or in the trunk, the carpeting was something you expect to find in a low grade car. The radiator support plastic cover was ditched and many pieces in the engine bay looked like a hack-job, not a well thought German engineered machinery.
      It was hideous in certain colors and the fake wood (or was it real ) on the inside screamed 1980’s !!! Why do still manufacturers insist on using wood in cars. Unless a Rolls or Bentley it looks tacky and 80’s style.
      anyway the car was nothing I wanted to be seen at all, until I drove the M5. Then I got hooked and drove a 550i and 535i manual, then the 6spd auto. All were excellent to drive, although I preferred the M5 for its edginess and raw power, V10 magical sound etc.
      I still hate the look but love how it went and how it could serve as an everyday car and a weekend racer.
      Very minimal mods on the outside could have turned this ugly toad to a decent car, but it never happened. The F10 is a new design and very nice elegant and stylish.
      The E60 looks very outdated now, but still can run with a newcomers (maybe not the F10 though)

      If you like the style, then you probably never owned a BMW before in your life. The bangle cars appealed to new class of people. Lots of customer came from a Cadillac Lincoln group, lots of Bling generation was a fan of his design. The basic trouble with his design, besides being ugly , that it aged dramatically fast. 3-4 years on a road and people wanted new, fresh already.
      I bet that if you like the E60 then you hated the E39 and probably hate the F10 as well.
      as far as being big, the car was big but drive small ! You had to look to believe the cornering of an M5 ! It could easily beat smaller and lighter cars on a track and not just with pure power !

      • wazon8 says:

        It only shows that one has to love or hate Bungle’s style. I like the way m5 e60 looks a lot and think that it will look fresh for a long period of time, despite that it is 7 years old design (I mean, of car in general) right now.

        But one point about your opinion on Bungle still amazes me. Do you really dislike e90, e92, e93? As far as I know Bungle had worked for BMW for a long time and had something in common with e46 eighter. Saying about all these cars that they are ugly (as each Bungle’s idea is) sounds really strange to me, since those cars seem to be in continuity of original BMW design language. At least, I find all them attractive, even 12 years old e46 design is still nice for me.

      • Mr. K says:

        I was talking strictly about the exterior. When it first came out, after the old 5 Series…which I loved by the way, I was like….WOW…what a kick-ass modern design in a BMW. It had such a great visual impact and new design elements. To me, it has the greatest BMW kidney grill ever. When the latest 5 launched I think BMW went way back to the old style design lines but with a modern feel. Yet to me, it really lacks identity. The front looks a lot like a 7er and I think there are very few things that make you say…Look, a 5 Series! Take the new Z4. That is edgy, new back, new front, can’t say it’s anything other than a Z4.
        Maybe Bangle designs aren’t very popular in America. (And I really don’t like any Cadilllac/Lincoln group car) I’m European by the way :) Anyway, everyone has their own opinion :) Just wanted to tip the balance for the Bangle-design lovers.

  6. blk7 says:

    Love the E60 M5. Incredible car. Classic.

  7. Nelson says:

    In Sapphire black, the E60 M5 is the best looking BMW ever, just beautiful to look at. I always thought the regular 5 series is kind of ugly but the addition of bodywork, huge exhaust, front fender decoration and gorgeous 19″ rims change the look of the car dramatically.
    As for SMG, as an owner of an 08, I love it. If you have only driven around the block you might not like it but once you learn it, its awesome and I think most E60 M5 owners who have actually driven their car for an extended period of time will agree. The auto downshift blip and the V10 is great.

  8. Lars says:

    I had an E39 M5 then begrudgly went to the E60 M5 and I dont regret it. Its so far ahead of my old E39 Beast in every way. I was one of those hardcores who hated the E60 until I got one and now the V10 has me enthralled. My old E39 is so dated and ancient looking now and the 400HP is downright slow..

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